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Presidential Candidates Making Things Interesting

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With a required Government class, Wesleyan students have been learning about the Presidential campaign that is beginning to gather attention in the media. With candidates constantly changing status, the race is “up for grabs” for any candidate. From Trump to Clinton, the field of candidates is deep with different views.

Students also have many opinions on candidates running as well. Although the staff of the Green and Gold would love to share views from different students, this paper is strictly non-biased, and must be viewed and written from a non-biased perspective.

Teacher Ted Russell says, “Part of the job of being a teacher is allowing your students to arrive at their own conclusions. The election presents a great opportunity for our students to look into the candidate’s views on those topics that mean the most to them.  The hope is that they will then make an educated decision on who they wish to support.”

With November 2016 upon us, the country will pick a leader for the next four years. For some seniors, this is the first time that voting is an option.

Along with the duty of voting comes a responsibility. A vote may seem minuscule and unimportant, but it is just the opposite. A vote is the voice of the people, and as legal citizens, it is a duty and privilege. Also with voting, comes the responsibility of being informed when voting. Voting blind is never productive, but an informed vote that supports your stance on issues can be important.

There have been funny moments in the election race thus far. From Trump’s witty remarks about women, to Hillary “Chillary” Clinton “chilling, in Cedar Rapids,” the election is sure to turn on its head at least a few more times in the next year.

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