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Varsity Softball Wraps Up a Successful Season

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The Wesleyan varsity softball team had a successful season with a winning record of 21-9. With only one senior, the juniors led their team well in an incredible season.

The team’s big accomplishment was on October 8th when they won the region for their classification. Sophomore, Cassie Henning, described her feelings about the Region Tournament saying, “Even though we went undefeated in region this year and won the championship, I think the highlight of the region tournament was the semifinal game against Holy Innocence. It was a tight game going into the sixth inning (3-2, Wesleyan) and we had really tight defense, and then we went back and scored a couple more runs in the bottom of the sixth to seal the win.” Henning is proud of the team’s success this season.

After the celebration of winning the region tournament, the softball team had to get serious again, and had to prepare for the State playoffs. When asked about the team’s preparation for the playoffs, coach Nicole Dixon said, “We are working on the doing the little things right. For example, we have worked on executing the squeeze all season. In the first round of state, we executed the squeeze perfectly! We have also worked very hard on our defense this year to make it our strength.”

When asked about the strengths of the team that contribute to its success, Henning described that she contributes much of the team’s success to the junior leadership and the extreme comradery of the team as a whole. Coach Dixon explained the team’s success perfectly when she said, “Many of the girls have been starting for three years now. This year those same girls have started to stand out as leaders. They are starting to know how to be a good teammate. This year they know when to encourage and when to challenge each other.

As Proverbs 27:17 says, ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.’ Our girls definitely held each other accountable and had fun at the same time. Coaching them each day was one of the best parts of the day!”

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