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    Senior Kylie Reed throws a bag of flour in the air at the beginning of the kick off game.

WolfTrackers Promote School Spirit

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In addition to the spirit shop, there has been a significant increase in school spirit at Wesleyan due to the “Wolf Pack,” with the help of club advisor, Alex Bufton, The WolfTrackers have been planning long and hard to find ways to contribute to making school spirit a priority for students and the entire Wesleyan community.

The first idea WolfTrackers has launched is “WolfNation” which every member of the Wesleyan community is a part of supporting athletics as one body. There are now WolfNation t-shirts available in the school store. As Head of Communications Ginger-Patton Schmitt said, “Throughout the school year, your spirit captains will be announcing ‘Gotta Go Games,’ When they call for a Gotta Go Game, you just need to put on your Wolf Nation t-shirt and join your friends in supporting Wesleyan athletics.”

A spirit fund has also been started by the members of WolfTrackers for each varsity team to use in order to promote attendance at upcoming events. This fund will cover the cost of admission for the first 25 or 50 students to be admitted to GHSA playoff games as well as reward those in attendance with free pizza or ice cream. Schmitt also said, “We will be spearheading both a winter sport and a spring sport pep rally this year. In collaboration with Mr. Plunk and Mr. Koch, we are working to develop new ways to increase school spirit for our teams that play in the winter and the spring, too. We want to make sure all Wesleyan sports get the attention they deserve.”

The “Wolf Pack” along with administration encourages the student body to become better engaged in raising school spirit at Wesleyan. Members of WolfTrackers have been collaborating with this year’s spirit captains: seniors Sydney Weismann, Kylie Reed, JT Eigel, Christopher Walton and Will Harper in order to communicate exciting new implementations to the student body. The “Wolf Pack” now has an email in which you can contact the spirit captains with input and suggestions for upcoming events.

Since most fall sports team will be moving into the playoff round fairly soon, WolfTrackers will be selling the second annual “Croostown Showdown” t-shirts the week of November 2nd to support the rival football game against Greater Atlanta Christian School which will be taking place on November 6th. Schmitt said, “Watch for WolfTracker volunteers outside of the cafeteria during lunch the first week in November so you can buy your shirt and support our football team.”


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