Boys’ Basketball Team Ready for a Successful Season

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The boys’ basketball team has players with a wide range of experience. According to Coach Ryan Hodges, the key players this season are Jason Morrison, Banks Ramsey, Christian McLean, Cedric Lynch, Grant Frerking, Jack Greer, Jalen Hodges, Jordan Argilagos, Harrison Cook and Sean McDonough.

Senior Jason Morrison during a 2014-15 basketball game.
Senior Jason Morrison during a 2014-15 basketball game.

Argilagos played as a sophomore, but took off for his junior year in order to focus on football. When asked about when he decided to come back and play basketball for his senior season, Argilagos said, “I found myself bored just working out all the time during the winter; I actually really enjoy basketball, so I wanted to play again.” Now that Argilagos can go to college for football, he can spend time on the court and be a stellar multi-sport athlete.

Senior Jack Greer during the 2014-15 season.
Senior Jack Greer during the 2014-15 season.

There are many big games to look out for this season. When asked about them, Coach Hodges said, “All region games are big for us. The GAC, Pace, and Holy Innocents games should be fun to watch.” Those teams will be some of the biggest competition that Wesleyan faces this season along with Lovett and Hapeville. The boys’ basketball team is also playing in a Christmas Tournament in Asheville, NC.

This team has an interesting dynamic with many experienced seniors like Greer, J. Hodges, Morrison, and Lynch and a few fresh faces like seniors Tucker Cannon and Argilagos. The Wolves had a great summer where the seniors showed their leadership. The seniors’ leadership, Coach Hodges said, “helps tremendously with the team’s chemistry.”

The Wolves are expected to have a great season with much support from Wesleyan students, families and faculty. When asked about how the Wolves plan on being successful this season, Coach Hodges said, “We look forward to playing an exciting brand of basketball this season by applying more pressure defense and traps while running out on the fast break to create easy scoring opportunities for us.”

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