Finals Week Makes Students Shriek

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With finals week right around the corner, Wesleyan students prepare for the impact it entails. Students will soon begin to panic about the exams they will have to take in every academic class. The Green & Gold surveyed high school students on their thoughts on finals week and this is what they had to say:
How do you prepare for finals?
“I come home, place two chilled cucumbers over my eyes and enjoy one of mama Walton’s special Chardonnay popsicles. I then gather all my study notes and look over them while receiving a foot massage by placing our automatic Roomba vacuum over my bare feet.” Christopher Walton (12th)
“Typically I take finals week one day at a time. While I have reviewed for each class previously, I primarily use the day before the exam as my main study time. I try to go through each chapter/section, look over the notes, do a Quizlet and basically retake the test for each unit (or whatever time allows for).” Kelsey Rappe (10th)
“FAST Mentoring. Lots of FAST Mentoring” Spencer Sutlive (12th)
What stresses you out the most about finals?
“Nothing really— I have one rule, if I don’t know it by 10pm I’ll never learn it and I go to bed.” Kendall Dearth (12th)
“I think the thing that stresses me out the most is that the amount of material for each subject is overwhelming and the fear that you are going to forget a huge amount of the material for the test.” Lindsey Hayes (10th)
“That I have to spend so much time sitting still!!!”Anna Brown (12th)
Do you have any odd study habits that you believe help you perform better?
“I eat an entire large pack of chocolate covered pomegranates.” Kelsey Strott (11th)
“Basically Quizlet is my savior during exam week… Also group study halls are very helpful and much less boring.” Chloe Hangartner (9th)
“Go to QT around 4-5 times each day during finals week to refill my coffee.” Grant Frerking (11th)
“Read notes out loud to my dog.” Sydney Millikan (11th)
“I play music or build with Legos to destress myself every 45 minutes of studying.” Chapman Pendery (11th)

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