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Wesleyan’s Top Five Biggest Fans

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Number 5: Bailey Renfroe

At number five sits a devoted but controversial fan: Bailey Renfroe. Bailey may not be the loudest fan, but he sure does have a lot of spirit points.

Number 4: Chris Cleveland

In fourth place is our beloved headmaster, Chris Cleveland. Mr. Cleveland is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and devoted. We couldn’t put him at spot number one though because, after-all, it is sort of his job.

Number 3: Heidi Lloyd

Third place goes to our high school counselor, Heidi Lloyd. Not only does Mrs. Lloyd go out of her way to attend many sporting events, but she also brings the noise.

Number 2: Zach Young

Our runner up has been around for a long time, and he’s made it clear that he’s not going anywhere. Zach Young, Wesleyan’s former headmaster, can be spotted in Crocs and a visor at just about any Wesleyan event. Mr. Young always goes out of his way to congratulate athletes and is very well liked by students.

Number 1: STEVE

Finally, the number one best Wesleyan sports fan of all time is the one and only, Steve. Steve works at the local Ingles and truly loves Wesleyan sports. He goes to every Wesleyan football game no matter how far away it may be, and he can also be found at baseball and basketball games. “Steve is a legend,” said senior Cole Mannion. “Steve is no bandwagon fan. He sticks with the Wolves through thick and thin,” said senior Jake McCleskey.

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