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A Wesleyan Love Story

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Christian Stark, Class of 2015, is a man of many talents; some remember him as the Homecoming King, some for his athletic abilities, others for his winning smile, but his greatest attribute is his match-making expertise.

A match made in Wesleyan, the wedding that occured on Dec. 5th between Spanish teacher, Gabi Martinez, and Stark’s cousin, Cameron Grogan, would not have happened if Stark had not been certain that these two would be perfect for each other and would not stop until they knew that too.

Christian Stark was Martinez’s student in three different classes, and after getting to know her, he realized that he had the perfect man for her, his cousin. When a teenager sets two people up, it is usually just for fun, but unlike the usual high school set up, this relationship resulted in a marriage. Stark talked to Martinez during his free period, telling her that he had someone for her to meet. Stark says that Martinez was reluctant when he first introduced the idea, but Stark went along with his plan anyway. He told his cousin that there was a teacher that he should call and gave him Martinez’s phone number. Cousin called Martinez and set up a coffee date, and it “went well from there.”

Grogan decided to ask Martinez to marry him on Wesleyan’s campus because the people at Wesleyan played such a big role in Martinez’s life and in their story. Stark helped Grogan by bringing roses to Martinez’s classroom, saying that Grogan had dropped them off for her for Valentine’s Day. He then told her that there was another surprise waiting for her and that Martinez needed to follow him. Stark lead Martinez and her class up to the quad, where Grogan was waiting with a letter and a ring. After Martinez read his heartfelt letter, Grogan got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The students exploded into cheers and cries for the happy couple, and a few student ran to the intercom to announce that “Mrs. Martinez just got engaged!” The engagement between Grogan and Martinez is a beautiful memory on Wesleyan’s campus.

The wedding took place on Dec. 5th on a magestical avocado grove in Florida, and Stark was a groomsman in the wedding. Martinez was a stunning bride to no surprise, and her and Grogan’s first dance as husband and wife was “You and I” by John Legend, sung by Martinez’s cousin, Enrique De Solo. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Grogan!

Wesleyan Football Goes Toe to Toe with Model

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Wesleyan advances to the second round of the playoffs after improving their record to nine and two with a 45-27 win over Model. The number two seed Blue Devils had home field advantage in Rome. The Wolves came back firing on all cylinders after a close loss in the region championship.

Wesleyan was very productive on offense all night, but got off to a rocky start defensively in the first half. “The offense has really hit full stride in the last two games,” said senior Tucker Cannon. Cannon scored the first touchdown of the night with a 60-yard reception from sophomore Banks Ramsey. He later scored twice more and went for over 200 yards.

Wesleyan was able to make a stop after the touchdown, but the following drive, Model corner Brendan Thomas jumped a screen pass and ran the interception back 70 yards for a touchdown. The extra point was no good.

The second quarter aspinwall began and Wesleyan responded with a successful drive ending in a 10-yard touchdown run by senior Josh Garrard. Though the Wolves’ offense continued to move the ball, Model responded again. Chris Dublin showed impressive speed, breaking away for a touchdown run of over 60 yards. The Wolves scored twice more in the first half with a 10-yard run by senior Jordan Argilagos and a 45-yard field goal by senior Jordan Weaver. Argilagos had a big game with two touchdowns and over 200 total rushing yards.

Model scored once more with two minutes left in the half on a short run by Kyler Eldridge but the two point conversion pass was intercepted by Cannon. Wesleyan quickly drove down to Model’s 20-yard-line, but with some miscommunication allowed to clock to run out before they had a chance to try and score at the end of the half. The score entering the second half was 24-19.

Wesleyan made some adjustments defensively and only let up one touchdown in the second half. Continued success on offense led to three more touchdowns. Cannon scored two more times, and Argilagos broke a 35 yard run for six. These two playmakers helped the Wolves maintain a balanced attack along with Ramsey who threw with great accuracy all night. Model scored the last touchdown with a ten-yard run by Eldridge.

Next week, Wesleyan will play Jefferson County in Louisville, GA. All four teams from region 6AA moved on to the second round. In regards to the challenge ahead, Cannon said, “Jefferson County has a lot of athletic ability and speed, but if Banks keeps throwing the ball the way he is right now, no defense can stop us.”

Wesleyan Theater Gets Runner Up in State

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    Seniors Emma Anderson, Carter Gravitt, Olivia Larner, Chris Middleton, Rebekah Middlebrooks, and Peyton Price celebrate their performance in the theater state competition.

Wesleyan’s cast of the fall play, The Canterbury Tales, traveled to Milledgeville where they took second place in the Georgia High School State Theater competition. The Green and Gold staff recently sat down in an interview with sophomore Payton Kaloper who played the Armorer, the Ravished Maiden, and Confidant 3 in The Canterbury Tales. Kaloper said her favorite part of being a part of theater at Wesleyan is, “the people (for sure). I love that we can always goof off and be ourselves with each other. We are such a family.” Kaloper then went on to talk about her and the rest of the cast’s experience in the State theater competition.

The Wesleyan theater team had to compete against seven other schools. Despite the competition, Kaloper said, “We weren’t nervous as a cast because we had ran through it and rehearsed it so many times that we could do it in our sleep. We all felt very confident!”

When asked about what set Wesleyan’s act apart from the other schools competing, Kaloper said, “Wesleyan’s act was more serious than the other acts. Different schools submitted musicals or shows that were more comedic, but, being biased, I feel as if our act was very understandable and it was definitely heart moving.”

After performing their act for the judges, Wesleyan’s The Canterbury Tales got second place in the competition. To describe the cast’s feelings and reaction to the news, Kaloper said, “None of our cast was nervous until the judging panel came back with the results. When they announced our school got second we all jumped out of our seats in excitement! We were all so ecstatic.”

Finals Week Makes Students Shriek

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With finals week right around the corner, Wesleyan students prepare for the impact it entails. Students will soon begin to panic about the exams they will have to take in every academic class. The Green & Gold surveyed high school students on their thoughts on finals week and this is what they had to say:
How do you prepare for finals?
“I come home, place two chilled cucumbers over my eyes and enjoy one of mama Walton’s special Chardonnay popsicles. I then gather all my study notes and look over them while receiving a foot massage by placing our automatic Roomba vacuum over my bare feet.” Christopher Walton (12th)
“Typically I take finals week one day at a time. While I have reviewed for each class previously, I primarily use the day before the exam as my main study time. I try to go through each chapter/section, look over the notes, do a Quizlet and basically retake the test for each unit (or whatever time allows for).” Kelsey Rappe (10th)
“FAST Mentoring. Lots of FAST Mentoring” Spencer Sutlive (12th)
What stresses you out the most about finals?
“Nothing really— I have one rule, if I don’t know it by 10pm I’ll never learn it and I go to bed.” Kendall Dearth (12th)
“I think the thing that stresses me out the most is that the amount of material for each subject is overwhelming and the fear that you are going to forget a huge amount of the material for the test.” Lindsey Hayes (10th)
“That I have to spend so much time sitting still!!!”Anna Brown (12th)
Do you have any odd study habits that you believe help you perform better?
“I eat an entire large pack of chocolate covered pomegranates.” Kelsey Strott (11th)
“Basically Quizlet is my savior during exam week… Also group study halls are very helpful and much less boring.” Chloe Hangartner (9th)
“Go to QT around 4-5 times each day during finals week to refill my coffee.” Grant Frerking (11th)
“Read notes out loud to my dog.” Sydney Millikan (11th)
“I play music or build with Legos to destress myself every 45 minutes of studying.” Chapman Pendery (11th)

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