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    Rebecca Settlage captured this picture of Hogmanay while on her trip.
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    Settlage took this picture of the Big Ben on her trip.
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    Ashley Aycox with her friends at Grand Cayman.

Wesleyan Students Go On Extravagant Trips

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Wesleyan is gracious enough to give its students Christmas Break every year. On this Christmas Break, many students go on amazing trips. This year, students went to England, Scotland, Colorado, St. John, and the Cayman Islands.

Junior, Rebecca Settlage went to both London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland for the first time with her family this break. She stayed in London for five days, Scotland for three days, and then went back to England for New Years. One of Settlage’s favorite parts of was touring the tower of London and seeing the crown jewels. She also got to meet a prince. Settlage said, “It was very interesting to hear all the uses for it [tower] from dungeons to where the king and queen use to live to peasants living in the basements.”

Her other favorite part of her trip as touring a castle in Scotland with an incredible view. Settlage got to experience the Hogmanay Festival in Scotland. This is a three day celebration of the New Year. On the first day, the 31st, there is a mile long parade where people carry huge torches and are led by some of the Scottish military dressed in their full uniforms. Settlage said that their uniforms were “kilts with swords and shields.” The military marches along a mile long road which is the oldest part of the city dating back to the 1600 or 1700’s. Settlage and her family were able to march in the parade and experience a firework show on top of a hill next to a massive castle at the end.

Senior, Megan Williams went to St. John during the Christmas Break with her family. This was her second time going to St. John, and she enjoyed it very much. She loves the “warm beaches and the wildlife” in St. John, and hopes to be able to return soon.

Junior, Ashley Aycox went to the Cayman Islands during the break. She went with her family and family friends. She has been lucky enough to travel to the Cayman Islands many times before, and she got to go to Stingray City where she hung out with huge, friendly Stingray.


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