What Can Cause Winter Blues?

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The term “Winter Blues” is often paired with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. SAD is a very common disorder which usually comes around Fall and affects the person until the winter months are over, but there are also many other reasons that one could be unhappy during the winter months.

Photo Credit: Caroline Hodges
Photo by: Caroline Hodges

When it is cold outside, it is easy to bundle up in some blankets and watch TV or read a book. One is much less motivated to go outside and run when it is below freezing and foggy outside than on a beautiful spring day. When one exercises, his body releases endorphins which makes him feel happier.

Also, we have the holidays in the winter months, and with the holidays comes spending. Spending money for one’s family members’ presents can leave a person in a pit of stress due to overspending. It is very common for people to spend more money than they have during the holidays, but even if someone spent money that he or she did have, it is still no fun to pay the steep bills when they come in January.

Speaking of the holidays, having to entertain ones extended family for a week can be extremely stressful, or on the contrary, having no family to spend the holidays with can also be very depressing. Or if one has a close family who he loves to see during Christmas, when Christmas is over and people are alone again, they can be very discouraged.

Many people do not eat well during the winter months. Whether it’s because one knows that no one will see him or her in a bathing suit in a while, or that the baggy winter clothes will not show it if one gains a few pounds, people tend to get away from eating healthy during the winter months. Also, traditional holiday foods tend to be fattening and over consumed. When one does not eat healthy, it can cause him or her to feel sluggish and sad. Also, when one gains unwanted weight, it can also cause him or her to feel self-conscious.

So, to keep the Winter Blues from beating a person, he or she should try to exercise, not over spend, set aside time to rest, appreciate what family or friends one does have, and eat well.

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