Vet Club Taking Over Wesleyan and WSB-TV

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From getting their hands dirty with the blood of hurt animals to trips up to a farm full of alpacas, the students involved in Vet Club definitely get their fair share of veterinary experience. Vet Club is one of the most recognized and respected clubs that Wesleyan offers to its students.

It is a rather exclusive club that contains many of Wesleyan’s students who are seeking a career in medicine. The members of the club are sophomores Sydney Anderson, Morgan Biagioni, Isabella Brown, Grayson Ragsdale, Ethan Moon, and Ethan McConnell; juniors Olivia Frye, Julia Childers, Nikki Villa, Kelly Dunlap, Joseph Berney, Grace Chapman, Eric Panther, Charis Thompson, and Anne Ree; seniors Anna Mosley, Bekah Middlebrooks, Christopher Walton, Kylie Reed, Micayla Kane, and Olivia Larner, and the founder of the club, Skipper Gholston (Dr. G).

When asked about why she got involved with Vet Club, Anna Mosley said, “I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian for a very long time, and when I heard about the club I couldn’t resist! I also didn’t know Dr. G very well, so it was a good opportunity to get to know him.” Mosley also said that the club’s job is to perform many different types of aseptic surgeries on various types of animals.

One of the leaders of the club, Christopher Walton said that his first memorable experience in Vet Club was when he went to Dr. G’s farm with Madison Parks and Mikayla Kane. He said, “Dr. G is amazing, and some of my favorite memories come from Dr. G’s farm.” When asked what he does in vet club, Walton said, “We meet on Thursday and practice sutures on these little skin pads. We’ll also talk about times to go up to G’s farm, and throughout the year, we’ll travel up yonder to Dahlonega and do surgeries on different animals.”

The Vet Club was recently featured on WSB-TV. Some reporters from the WSB-TV team came to Wesleyan to interview Dr. G and some of the students in Vet Club to find out how the club got started, and what the club does for the animals. “Students who have calculus homework are also learning how to do surgery on a cow,” as said by WSB-TV.

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