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Mission Trip Retreats Get Students Excited for Trips

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Life stories, fellowship, and unlimited frozen lasagna are just three amazing aspects of the Wesleyan mission trip retreats. Every year, the Wesleyan mission trip teams take the weekend to go to someone on the team’s mountain or lake house in order for everyone to get to know their team better. This is a very important weekend for teams because it gives everyone a chance to share their faith journey and be themselves without the distraction of school or sports.
This year, the Bulgaria team is going to junior Abbie Lochmandy’s lake house; the Panama girl’s team is going to junior Whitney Archer’s mountain house; the Atlanta team is going to senior Kendall Dearth’s lake house, the Chattanooga team is going to senior Josh Garrard’s lake house; the Guatemala coed trip is going to junior, Emma Preston’s lake house; the Guatemala boys team is going to sophomore Daniel Baisier’s mountain house; the Dominican Republic girls team is going to junior Emily Greer’s lake house; the Dominican Republic boys team is going to junior Jason McCleskey’s lake house, and the Nicaragua team is going to junior Katie Stipe’s lake house.
This year, all of the mission trip retreats were a huge success, and everyone was able to grow closer as a team and get extremely excited for their trips. Junior, Eric Panther, who is going on the Guatemala Co-ed trip said, “It was amazing to see the different personalities mesh into one group who was willing to be vulnerable with each other and share their stories to grow closer as a team.”

Morris Plays Vital Role in Class of 2016

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    Senior Caroline Hodges got a chance to spend time with Mrs. Morris on the Freshmen Retreat. Grant Sauer
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    Senior Maddie Jones has gotten to know Mrs. Morris in her english classes. Bailey Borreson
  • Yasmine-and-Bailey-B-1.jpg
    Seniors Yasmine Brooks and Bailey Borreson have appreciated Mrs. Morris' work as the senior class grade chair. Maddie Jones

If you have been around Wesleyan for more than a week, it is not hard to identify Kendra Morris as an overwhelming favorite among students. Mrs. Morris, the senior class grade chair, has developed a unique relationship with the class of 2016 over the last few years unlike any other teacher. While every teacher has impacted the senior class in their own right, Mrs. Morris has taken on an exceptionally special role to these students.
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He Said; She Said

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    Photo by: Emma Parrish

Hot Weather

Ellie Hall

Whenever I am asked, “Would you rather be in extreme heat or extreme cold?” my answer is always heat without hesitation. There is one reason for this—being cold is the worst feeling in the entire world. It is not only uncomfortable, it is physically painful. It actually hurts my skin. In addition, being cold can actually be dangerous to your body. According to Physicians Health Network, cold weather can cause constriction of blood vessels in the skin, lower blood supply, a raise in blood pressure, etc.

Also, cold weather increases the chance of injury. Cold weather also tends to bring out the worst in everyone both physically and behaviorally. It makes your nose red and runny, it makes you pale because you do not want to go outside, it dries out your skin, it makes your lips chapped. Do not forget that it makes people look frumpier because they have to wear so much clothes. People tend to lose their beach bodies; basically it just makes everyone a less attractive version of themselves. Also, it makes people want to stay inside and play video games or eat, which causes them to get fat and pale. It also makes people less fun to be around because they are so angry because they are cold. No one likes being cold; if someone says they do, they are lying.

Hot weather is quite the opposite of everything I said about cold weather. Hot weather makes people more attractive and happier. It causes most to go outside, so they get tan which makes them look more youthful. Though it is true that extreme heat can also be dangerous, it is more easily controlled because heat leads you to drink more water. Also, hot weather means summer which means no school which means happiness for all.

It is also the time for people to take their trips to the lake or the beach that they so often advertise on Instagram. Along the same lines, how often do you see Instagram photos during the summer with the caption, “Take me back to winter.” The answer is never. However, if I had a dime for every time I have seen someone tell all of their many Instagram followers to “take them back to the summer,” I would be a millionaire.

Therefore, everyone agrees that heat is much better than cold. Don’t worry friends, it is almost spring, and heat is coming. Hang in there!



Cold Weather

Will Harper

When it comes to weather, everyone has their opinion about which season is the superior. Perhaps some people are too indecisive to choose one season, but they have some sort of opinion regardless. I think it’s great that we can all have our own opinion about weather, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people are wrong. For example, Ellie thinks that summer is better than winter.

As a precursor to my argument, I’d like to share a brief anecdote. Once upon a time, Jimmy and Petunia decided to go skiing. They drove up to the mountain with their bags packed and walked into the resort to buy lift tickets. “We’ll have two lift tickets, please,” Jimmy said to the man behind the counter. “It’s July,” replied the man, “go home.” Disappointed in themselves for forgetting that most fun things happen in the winter time, Jimmy and Petunia set off to look for something else to do. They searched the mall high and low, but they couldn’t find Santa anywhere. Finally, they asked a member of the mall staff where jolly Ole Saint Nick was. “It’s July,” said the man, “go home.” Disappointed in themselves for forgetting that Christmas happens in December, Jimmy and Petunia went home to cry because nothing exciting happens during the summer.

Jimmy and Petunia fell victim to a tragic situation – warm weather. Cold weather is far superior. For example, when it’s cold outside, anyone can easily feel more comfortable by simply wearing more clothing. If it’s hot, you can get totally naked and you’ll still be hot. Cold weather has so much more to offer. Warm clothing is way more stylish than stuff you might wear during the summer. Colder weather also means football season, basketball season and best of all, cuddle season. Everyone loves some good snuggle weather. When’s the last time you saw someone cozy up by a fire with some hot chocolate during August?

In addition to all of these benefits, colder weather also brings with it the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the three most enjoyable Holidays of the year. Not only do these holidays make life happier and more exciting, but they also mean that school is not in session for a good while. Speaking of which, cold weather also brings about the occasional snow day. Though rare, usually school is cancelled at least one day each year due to inclement weather. Even though it’s only a day, having school unexpectedly cancelled is one of the best feelings ever. In short, I’d rather be cold than hot 12 times out of 10.

Christian Life Theme

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The Christian life theme for the month of Feb. is “You are a citizen of Heaven.” This theme is a follow up of last month’s theme of “You are Redeemed.” Once a person is redeemed, he or she becomes a citizen of heaven. The verses for the month are Philippians 3:20-21, 1 Peter 2:11-12 and John 18:37.
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Vet Club Taking Over Wesleyan and WSB-TV

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From getting their hands dirty with the blood of hurt animals to trips up to a farm full of alpacas, the students involved in Vet Club definitely get their fair share of veterinary experience. Vet Club is one of the most recognized and respected clubs that Wesleyan offers to its students.

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