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Peer Groups are a long standing tradition dating back to 2000. The Green & Gold asked a freshmen from each of the twelve groups the following questions to check in on how they have gone so far.

  1. What is your favorite part of peer groups?
  2. What have peer groups done for you?
  3. Has your experience helped you this year?

Sophie Parsonnet (Parents: Hannah Peterson & Chris Middleton)-

  1. My favorite part about peer groups is when we do “family” outings together somewhere out of school.
  2. Peer groups has made me reach out to other students in my grade that I may have not talked to as much.
  3. Yes this experience has helped me so much this year because it lets me get to know the seniors better and not be as scared of them as I would be.

Cole Elsevier (Parents: Will Harper & Beck Coxhead)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups is playing games and getting to take a break from school to just laugh.
  2. Peer groups has helped me to get to know some of the people in my grade and it has also helped me get to know my peer parents.
  3. My experience has helped me during the year because I feel like I have another family at school.


Ashley Walton (Parents: Kyle Rappe & Christina Ashley)-

  1. The water bottle game and my peer parents
  2. Peer groups has given me a chance to get to know people a normally wouldn’t talk to.
  3. It has helped shaped me for the rest of my high school experience.


Quinn Kaloper (Parents: Chandler Marsh & Bekah Middlebrooks)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups is the games.
  2. Peer groups have taught me life skills about high school and also new games.
  3. Yes, it is getting to know seniors and getting closer with people in my grade. Also, our group discussions benefit me in some situations at school.


Lexi Jerding (Parents: Emma Anderson & Carter Gravitt)-

  1. My favorite part about peer groups is that we get a break from academics and get to get to know some of our classmates in a smaller secure environment.
  2. Peer groups, this year, have given me the opportunity to grow closer to some classmates I would not have if it wasn’t for this program. It also provides stress relief during a hectic academic schedule.
  3. My experience in peer groups has really helped me.


Caroline Hayes (Parents: Drew Aspinwall & Elizabeth Ostwalt)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups is just taking a break from the day and relaxing while getting to know people that I wouldn’t necessarily hang out with if peer groups didn’t exist. Also, the food is pretty great too.
  2. Peer groups has allowed me to grow closer with my friends and make so many new ones! Over the course of the year, I really got to know people I wouldn’t have gotten to know if it weren’t for peer groups.
  3. Peer groups has helped to grow and learn to have fun. I have gotten such good advice from such a great group of people that has seriously helped me so much!


Esther Williams  (Parents: Jordan Weaver & Ashlee Fincher)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups in terms of experience was the first night we were put together, and I remember just hanging out and having fun during the Freshman Retreat. My favorite part in intangible things is the bond you get from being together every Tuesday, and also the Christmas parties.

2. Peer groups has given me a place to talk about things with other and have friends I can count on. J

3. I started out having a really rough first semester of high school; Peer groups definitely helped me overcome that hurdle.


Matthew Plunk (Parents: Caroline Beltrami & Tucker Cannon)-

  1. My favorite part about peer groups is talking about interesting subjects like future life.
  2. They have led me to new friends and even allowed me to try new things.
  3. I think my experience has helped me be kinder towards my friends, so yes.


Grace Kennedy (Parents: Anna Brown & Tyler Harper)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups is getting to bond with people in my grade that I wouldn’t have normally spoken to and seniors, and I also love the games.
  2. My peer group has been there for me when I needed them and helped me ease into high school.
  3. It has helped me become closer with more freshman and my senior parents, and it has also helped me go into the freshman year knowing classmates older than me.


Olivia Curran (Parents: Benji Johnson & Ellie Bradach)-

  1. I like the discussion we have. Although it can be hard to get everyone to participate, I think it is beneficial to talk about problems we face every day. We are able to joke around and have fun while discussing prominent parts of our lives.
  2. I’ve become friends with people I otherwise wouldn’t get to see very often. Also, I feel freer to be myself around my peer family because I didn’t feel I had to act a certain way because I didn’t know them well.  Finally, I have been introduced to two incredible role models who brighten my Tuesdays.
  3. I have really enjoyed getting to take a break to just be myself on Tuesday mornings. It also has allowed me to discover the many unique backgrounds, situations, and problems my classmates deal with daily.


Amanda Doane (Parents: Megan Williams & Ryan Hughes)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups is getting to meet up each week and eat some food, talk about anything, or just hang out.
  2. Peer groups have made my freshman year so much more enjoyable. Starting out the school year already knowing upperclassmen took some of the fear of being the youngest in the high school away.
  3. I think peer groups has helped my experience this year because I’ve gotten to know more people who I hadn’t really known before and also getting to know my peer parents (Megan & Ryan) has been awesome and I know I can count on them for anything!


Betsy McDaniel (Parents: Kylie Reed & Leo Mateu)-

  1. My favorite part of peer groups is when we all play games with the other groups or go get breakfast together.
  2. Peer groups are like family at school.
  3. It has helped me throughout the year.
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