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    Senior girls jump for joy as the new season begins this fall. BRIAN L. MORGAN
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    The high school boys cross country team poses for a pre-season team picture. BRIAN L. MORGAN

Cross Country Runs Into a New Season

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Both the boys and girls’ cross country teams have shown an especially promising start during their pre-season training camp this year.

Returning runner, Megan Bielan shared her story from their summer at the Wilderness at the Smokies hotel in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Friends Betsy McDaniel, Kristina Laurite and Caroline Hayes were in the middle of their five-mile run through the mountains. Suddenly, Bielan said, “McDaniel let out a scream and ran out of sight. I just stood there oblivious to what was going on.” Then she saw a nod from fellow runner, Kristina Laurite, signaling towards a tiny-bear cub in the middle of their path. “We all just stood there petrified,” Megan said. “Then the bear turned away from my glare and towards the other girls, so I took the opportunity to sprint away.” Thankfully, the mother bear was no where in sight.

On another note, freshman Jamarcus Turner, said his favorite parts were, “hanging at the water park and most importantly running.”

Returning varsity sophomore Quinn Kaloper shared her goals for the upcoming season “In regards to the actual running part of cross-country, my number one goal is to beat my PR. My overall goal would be to branch out and become friends with people who aren’t in my grade and cross country practice is a great time for that,” Kaloper said.

Kaloper proved herself to be a critical asset to the wolves, placing in multiple meets last year.

Sophomore Liam Coxhead said that he is most looking forward to, “hanging out with friends after a hard run,” but he is dreading a notoriously hard workout called “The Punisher.” This workout consists of “running the course and stopping every half mile in order to complete random exercises,” Coxhead said.

For any under or upperclassmen looking for a way to get in shape this fall season, or even just to socialize while getting some exercise, cross country is a fun way to do so.

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