• moondance-tanzania-color.jpg
    Senior Emily Greer (left) takes in the view from above the clouds from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. EMILY GREER
  • moodance-morroco-2.jpg
    Sophomore Ella V Cooper enjoys a camel ride through the Sahara Desert. ELLA V COOPER
  • moodance-thailand-2.jpg
    Science teacher Megan Trotter takes in the sights of the beautiful beaches in Thailand. MEGAN TROTTER
  • moondance-bali.jpeg
    Junior Molly Bradach (right) and her moondance friends balance coconuts on their heads during the service portion of their trip in Bali. MOLLY BRADACH
  • moodance-fiji-2.jpg
    Juniors Gracie Mitchell and Lily Rudder learn to scuba dive in Fiji. GRACIE MITCHELL
  • moondance-maui.jpg
    Freshmen Lucy Mitchell and Maren Lavalle watch the sunrise in Maui. LUCY MITCHELL
  • moondance-fiji-color.jpg
    Juniors Lily Rudder and Gracie Mitchell hang out with their new friends on their service trip to Fiji. LILY RUDDER
  • moondance-tanzania-2.jpg
    Senior Emily Greer goes on a Safari through the Serengeti Park. EMILY GREER
  • moondance-maui-2-1.jpg
    Freshmen Lucy Mitchell and Maren Lavalle learn to surf in Maui. LUCY MITCHELL
  • moondance-morocco-color.jpg
    Sophomore Ella V Cooper (center) poses with a camel in the Sahara Desert while on her trip in Morocco. ELLA V COOPER
  • moodance-bali-2.jpeg
    While on a hike up Mt. Rinjani, Junior Molly Bradach and her group watched the sunrise. MOLLY BRADACH
  • moondance-thailand-color-1.jpg
    Science teacher Megan Trotter is so excited to be playing with an elephant on her trip to Thailand. MEGAN TROTTER

Moondance Adventures Takes Wesleyan Students Around the World

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Instead of going on a typical beach trip with their friends or a family vacation, some Wesleyan students decided to venture out across the world with Moondance Adventures to locations such as Morocco, Tanzania and Bali.

Moondance Adventures is not your average summer camp. It is an adventure travel company that takes teens all across the globe to some of the most awe-inspiring places the world has to offer. Moondance offers trips for kids ages 12-18 and travels to places from as close as the North Carolina Mountains all the way to the plains of the African desert.

Every Moondance trip has a group of 10-14 students and two or three trip leaders. One of the most unique features of Moondance is that none of the students have met each other prior to meeting at the airport to depart.

Sophomore Ella V Cooper, who traveled to Morocco, said, “first I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone but after spending two weeks in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, we all got super close and it was a lot of fun.”

Away from technology and out of their comfort zones with new people, Moondance strives to get their students to embrace the philosophy of “living in the moment.”

This past summer, Moondance took Wesleyan senior Emily Greer to Tanzania, juniors Lily Rudder and Gracie Mitchell to Fiji, junior Molly Bradach to Bali, sophomore Ella V Cooper to Spain and Morocco, and freshmen Lucy Mitchell and Maren Lavalle to Maui.

Science Teacher Megan Trotter also had the opportunity to serve as a Moondance Leader in Thailand this summer and said her experience was “the trip of a lifetime.”

Junior Lily Rudder said, “Moondance encouraged me to live in the moment and left me with a deeper love for the outdoors and a new perspective of the world.”

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