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    Sophomore additions to the journalism team makes up more than half of the class. MEGAN BIELAN

Sophomores Join The Journalism Team

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This year, not only will juniors and seniors be writing articles for the Green and Gold, but sophomores will now be tagging onto the team. Contrary to past years, sophomores have now become members of the Green and Gold staff for the first time ever.

Not only are sophomores now part of the staff, but they fill up the majority of the team. Of the staff members, there are three seniors, four juniors, and ten sophomores.  Over half of the journalism team are sophomores and these members include: Alayna Fogarty, Caroline Hayes, Ella V Cooper, Esther Williams, Lexi Jerding, Mary Ann Manley, Megan Bielan, Quinn Kaloper, Sophie Parsonnet and Sophie Zetzsche.

These sophomore writers are excited for the upcoming year and being able to try something they have never done before. Sophomore Sophie Zetzsche said, “I signed up for journalism because I love to write, and it is fun being able to get to know people by interviewing them about their passions and different things.”

The newly added sophomores are also able to contribute to the Green and Gold team because they are able to relate to the underclassmen better.

In a recent interview with sophomore Lexi Jerding, she said, “I think journalism should be open to sophomores because that way, the paper can include more perspective via the sophomore class instead of it being predominantly the voice of seniors and juniors.”
There is no doubt that the sophomores will be a great help to the journalism team throughout the upcoming school year.




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