Wesleyan Students Adjust to a New Schedule

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New year, new schedule. Contrary to previous years, the high school began the 2016-2017 school year with a different schedule. The new schedule was diligently crafted by many high school faculty members from various departments, to benefit the Wesleyan students, teachers, and community as a whole.

While the schedule is not entirely different from last year’s, it does include some significant changes.

For starters, office hours, an academic help session in which students receive help from teachers, is now placed in the morning as opposed to after the school day. Because office hours are now from 7:40-8:05 a.m., school starts later, at 8:10 a.m. In addition, the school day now concludes at 2:50 p.m. instead of 3 p.m. Another change in the schedule, is the rotation of five classes a day, each an hour long.

Tenth grade grade-chair, Emily Zavitz, says the five class rotation is her favorite part of the new schedule. She said, “Hopefully the best thing [the students] will find out is that [they’re] able to spread out [their] studying and homework load.”

Finally, the last of the most notable changes is that Chapel is now on Thursday, not Friday. This means that students are now required to wear their chapel uniform on Thursdays, opening up Fridays for possible “spirit days”.


Copy of the new schedule.
Copy of the new schedule.

While only a few days into the school year, it is important to see how the students are adjusting to the new schedule. While the popular response from the students was that it was too early to tell whether or not the new schedule would be better or worse than the old one, many still had valuable opinions to offer.

Senior, Katie Von Bargen said, “My favorite thing about the new schedule is that we have more breaks, but I do not like that the classes are longer.” Meanwhile, Junior, Katia Hanger, said her favorite aspect is that, “[the students] have longer classes and two rotate out.” Senior Joseph Berney added, “Lunch is super short and I do not like that.”

While there are mixed opinions to the alterations in the agenda, Zavitz said, “There was a need to offer more flexibility for the students and make down time more purposeful, and the new schedule offered those solutions.”



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