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The following are Post-Game Interviews with Junior Payton Kaloper.


*Interview with Senior Natalie Armstrong

Payton: “Hey Nata

lie, way to win tonight. As a team, what do you think the best aspect of the game was?”

Natalie: “I think we all did well and played as a team and it was a huge game for us because we are now the number one seed in the area. I am proud of us for ending it on a good note.

*Interview with Junior Maddie Lloyd

Payton: “Hey, Maddie. Way to pull through with a win tonight. As a team player, what was the hardest aspect of the game and how did your team overcome it?”

Maddie: “Usually we have so much energy. We go out there really strong but tonight we were low on the energy. We just needed more energy.”

Payton: “Awesome, thank you, Maddie. Great job tonight.”


*Interview with Senior Julia Childers

Payton: “Who did you play today?”

Julia: “We played Mount Pisgah.”

Payton: “How did your team play?”

Julia: “We played really well. We won 6-0.”

Payton: “What was the best part about the game?”

Julia: “Cassie had 15 strikeouts and a no hitter.”

*Interview with Junior Megan Gallagher and Sophomores Savannah Sommer and Jennifer Nolan

Payton: “Hey guys! How did you play today?”

Megan: “Great! We won 6-0.”

Savannah: “It was a really exciting game!”

Megan: “Cassie had a no-hitter.”

Savannah: “With only one walk so it was almost a perfect game, so that is really exciting.”

Payton: “That’s awesome! How did you guys play together as a team?”

Megan: “Pretty good.”

Jennifer: “Yeah! Really well.”

Payton: “What were your highs and lows?”

Jennifer: “High: definitely Cassie’s No-Hitter, obviously.”

Megan: “Low was not run ruling them. We needed two more runs”

Savannah: “I feel like we all game together as a team and represented out ‘One Body’ motto.”

Payton: “That is awesome! Good job guys! Thank you!”


*Interview with Senior John Morris

Payton: “Hey John, good win tonight! As a linebacker for the Wesleyan Wolves, how are you going to play for the next game leading out team to victory?

John: “The linebackers are kind of the heartbeat of the defense and we take pride in being ball-hogs and stepping up and leading the defense inside the box. The defense is really coming together for region play and we are really looking forward to hopefully getting some shutouts to close the year. It’s been a goal of ours: stepping up and playing good “D” the rest of the year.”

Payton: “Awesome, thank you!”

*Interview with Senior Adam Moon

Payton: “Good job, Adam, in tonight’s game. What are the differences between this year and last year as a football team?”

Adam: “This team is different than last year. We are gelling together really nicely and the whole team is together as a unit, and this team is more scrappier than the team last year.”

*Interview with Junior Banks Ramsey

Payton: “Hey Banks, good win tonight. What was the score?”

Banks: “It was 49-7.”

Payton: “As QB1, how are you seeing the offense perform this year?”

Banks: “We are doing really well! Coach Frerking and Coach Dudley are really doing a great job. Q receivers: Grant Summers, Zach Peterson, Harrison Cook, and Grant Frerking are making my job easy, and doing a phenomenal job. The offensive line is always yet undersized, performing very well. We are rolling on offense.”

Payton: “Awesome, thank you, Banks. Good job tonight!”

Banks: “Thank you.”

*Interview with Football Coach Franklin Pridgen

Payton: “Hey Coach Pridgen. Great win tonight! As a 5 and 0 team, hosting the number one team in Georgia next week, how are you guys preparing to play?”

Coach Pridgen: “We are really excited now! Just enjoying a real big win over our arch rival on the road. That was a really fun bus ride we just got back from. So we are excited about where we are now. We are going to take a couple days off to try and enjoy this, savor this a little bit. But come Monday, we know what is a head of us: number one team in the state, Eagle Landing Christian School. The are coming to our play at our place, right here, next Friday, the 30th, kick off at 7:30, and we need all the support we can get. They are an excellent team but we’re pretty confident in who we are too. So we expect it to be a battle and we expect to come out on top.”

Payton: “Awesome, thank you Coach.”

Coach Pridgen: “You’re welcome.”

Cross Country:

*Interview with Junior Emma Surber

Payton: “Emma, How did you run?”

Emma: “I ran pretty good, I PR-ed.”

Payton: “What was your time?”

Emma: “22:18”

Payton: “How do you feel?”

Emma: “Feel good… This is my coach right here.”

Coach McDaniel: “I feel really uncomfortable right now! You did great.”

Payton: “What was hard about the course?”

Emma: “It was really sunny on the other half of it, and there was a slight hill on the last mile.”

*Interview with Senior Nikki Villa and Sophomore Ashley Doran

Payton: “Hey guys! How did you run today?”

Nikki: “We did the Covered Bridge Invitational. It was great!”

Payton: “What was the hardest part about this race?”

Ashley: “It was all in the sun.”

Nikki: “It was blinding.”

Ashley: “It was pretty hilly, lots of turning.”

Nikki: “Lots of turns and some ankle rollage.”

Payton: “How do you feel now that it is done?”

Nikki: “Excellent, it’s over with! It’s the best part about this sport!”

*Interview with Senior Eric Panther

Payton: “How did you run?”

Eric: “I ran really well. I was hoping to break 18, I came in at 18:06, but I got a lifetime PR by about 30 seconds. So I am feeling pretty good about it.”

Payton: “What was the best and the worst part about this course?”

Eric: “The worst part was probably the hill right before mile two. I’m coming in with a swollen ankle up that hill and that kind of hurts. The best part is the finish. It’s not that long so when you kick it in your just there in like 10 seconds so it’s really nice!”

*Interview with Junior Peter Hess

Payton: “Peter, how did you run today?”

Peter: “I ran pretty well. I was first on the team. I had a 40 second PR which was my best time ever. I got 17:42. I’m pretty happy about that.

Payton: “What was the best and worst part about this course?”

Peter: “Um, the hardest part is, um, probably, there is a big long hill right over there by the second mile and that’s really hard because that it’s super long.”

Payton: “What is the best part?”

Peter: “The best part is, um, probably the last mile because it is mostly downhill and so you really get going fast and it is a lot of fun.”

Payton: “Thank you!”

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