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New Town Center Brings Excitement to Wesleyan

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The Peachtree Corners Town Center is in motion. The town center is planned to be built across from the Forum, by where Sprouts and Zoës Kitchen is located.

When interviewed, Jennifer Howard, the Volunteers Administrator of Peachtree Corners, said “The town center is going to begin construction in December and it is expected to take 18 months; so that means by spring 2018 we should see the town center finished.” The town center will hold restaurants, shops and an outdoor amphitheater. “[It will be] a family-friendly community,” Howard said.

In addition to the new town center, there is a plan for a 12-mile-trail that will be on the perimeter of Peachtree Corners, but it will be built in sections. The goal is for all the trails to be completed in the next 12 years. Howard said, “It will get started in Technology Park with 1.3 miles and follow the Colonial Pipeline Easement, going around a small lake and it will be a good place for people who work in Technology Park who want to get out and go for a walk.”

Last spring, the design of the bridge was released and Wesleyan high school students and faculty voted on the design that they preferred best.

Howard said, “We have other things that we are focused on.” There are plans for a bridge that connects the Forum and the Town Center, but as of now there is nothing in motion for the bridge; if the bridge does happen, it will be in the distant future.

Freshman Lindsay Rappe said, “I think that Town Center is going to be a nice addition to Peachtree Corners. I’m excited for it to be built right by school. ”

However, not everyone is as excited. Senior Kelsey Strott said, “It will stink for traffic for the next few years, but I’ll be graduated!” The goal of the new town center is to bring the community of Peachtree Corners more entertainment and to bring people together.

Howard also mentioned the possibility for Wesleyan students to intern at the Peachtree Corners City Hall. A summer internship for high school students to explore with other high school students in the community. According to the City of Peachtree Corners, the interns will work with an incubator that will provide access to local entrepreneurs to help startups. Students work together in research and developing an awards program for the most innovated start-up. They then go in front of the city council and present their idea. If anyone is interested in this internship, please click here.



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