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Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for has come: the release of the iPhone 7. The new and improved iPhone was available for purchase on Sept. 16. It has a new design featuring a refined camera with a cutting edge, enhancing experience and without a headphone jack.

The one aspect that people have mainly been talking about is the lack of a headphone jack. What Apple wants the customers to do is buy the new “air pods,” which are Bluetooth headphones that come at a costly price.

Sophomore Kat Saylor said, “Honestly, I don’t like it having no headphone jack because I don’t want to spend $200 on headphones that I’m probably going to lose.”

Although the phone comes with an adapter, it has to be plugged in to the charging port if you ever need to charge your phone while listening to music.

When this problem about expensive headphones was introduced to math teacher Chris Paroli he had the same response. “Listening to music is a huge part of why I like the iPhone and if I didn’t have the capability, and I had to pay extra money, I don’t see the worth of the upgrade,” Paroli said.

If you are not willing to buy the headphones or use the adapter, the iPhone 7 is not the best match for you.

Something new that not only iPhone 7 customers, but all Apple users get access to is the iOS 10 update. This new update has had mixed emotions coming from iPhone users. Leaning more towards being a fan of the update, science teacher Megan Trotter commented on the new update and said, “Yeah, I like it a lot.”

Although, every new product will have its problems. Some new features included in this update are new “emoji’s” along with invisible ink, writing messages by hand and sending personalized sketches.

Many were asked the question as to whether or not they would buy the iPhone 7 in the future. Senior Michaela Harper said, “For sure, because I want to stay trendy and cool and because my iPhone is cracked”.

On the other side, Paroli said, “I will not [purchase it] unless the Bluetooth headphones get brought in with it.” Many people are still hoping the air pods get brought in with the package, although this is very unlikely to happen because of the headphone adapter that comes in the box with the iPhone.

There are many different points being made about the new iPhone7. Some of these points are positive and some are negative. There are awe-inspiring features including the 12-mega-pixel camera, air pods and of course, the new design with no headphone jack. Wesleyan will soon see how many iPhone 7`s are roaming outside the halls and/or the student lounge.


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