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    Senior Morgan Keller spends time with a refugee in Atlanta.Morgan Keller
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    Kids in Jamaica play on a slide built for them. Kids Around the World
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    Girls wear traditional dresses in Ecuador. Alex Bufton
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    Kids sit at a school in Mikarios, Dominican Republic. Makarios.
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    The kids in Nicaragua try to break open the piñata. Charis Thompson.
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    Seniors Emily Greer and Barret Ramsey play with kids in the Dominican Republic. Emily Greer
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    Seniors Noah Young and Georgia Kuehn assist with dental work in Guatemala. Georgia Kuehn

2017 Mission Trips Revealed

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Mission trips are some of the most unique experiences offered at Wesleyan. Each trip is different. All of them take place over spring break with the exception of a biannual summer trip. They are available to seniors, juniors and sophomores, with trip options varying each year.

Here is the complete list of mission trips offered for 2017.

Summer Trip: South Africa

The summer trip for this year is South Africa and goes from June 4th to June 14th. The leaders are Mr. Lisson and Mrs. Shupert. The trip is centered on serving communities with GodFirst Church in Johannesburg through Bible studies and leading children. It is a great opportunity for rising juniors and seniors.

Spring Break Trips:


The other local trip is to Atlanta. They will spend some of their trip in the refugee community in Clarkston and work with the families there. They will also serve the homeless population in Atlanta. The leaders are Mrs. Gabi Grogan and Coach White.


The first is a service-leadership opportunity for juniors and seniors. They will travel to Chattanooga with the middle school team. They will be serving with Widows Harvest Ministry and repair houses for widows.

Dominican Republic: co-ed

The co-ed trip is working with Makarios school to educate teachers and children, and the leaders are Mrs. Nash and Mr. Kadzis. They will be joining former Wesleyan Spanish teacher, Adrienne Christian, who moved to the Dominican Republic a few years ago to be a full-time missionary.

Dominican Republic: girls only

The girls’ only trip will be working with children and delivering supplies to the village. The leaders are Mrs. Davis and Ms. Trotter. Mrs. Davis said that she chose this trip because “of its uniqueness of allowing us to stay in the village with the missionary family to be in the middle of what goes on day to day.”



Ecuador: Co-ed               

First-time trip to Ecuador will be led by Ms. Bufton, who has traveled there on a mission trip before. She said, “I absolutely love these people and this place. The faithfulness of Pastor Manuel and his family keep me coming back to Ecuador. They are some of the most faithful servants of Christ that I have ever been around.” The other leader is Mr. Archer. This trip will consist of light construction, Vacation Bible Study and sports. This team will travel to the villages around Cajamba, Ecuador.

Guatemala: Co-ed

Wesleyan traveled to Guatemala last year for a medical mission trip, and they will be making the same trip this year. It is led by Mrs. Brooks and Mr. Zimmerman.

Nicaragua: Co-ed

Wesleyan will also be returning to Nicaragua and working with Honduras Organization International again. This trip has light construction and will be working with kids in the community. The leaders are Mr. and Mrs. Plunk.

Nicaragua: Boys only

This trip is a returning trip, but has not been back for some time. Mrs. Davis said, “We haven’t gone since 2013 and it was a really popular trip when it was offered here.” This team is led by Mr. Emmelhainz and Mr. Means, and the trip may do light construction and play sports with the kids in the community.

Jamaica: Co-ed

Wesleyan will also be traveling to Jamaica to build playgrounds in impoverished communities. Most of the work will be centered on the kids in the community. The leaders are Mrs. Gilbert and Mr. Jackson. Mrs. Davis is also very excited for this opportunity because Wesleyan has traveled to Jamaica before, but never with this organization. She said, “‘Kids around the World’ was brought to us by Mr. Kaloper [father of junior Payton Kaloper and sophomore Quinn Kaloper] because he had done work with them before. They help kids heal through play and that is what we want to be involved with as a school community.”



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