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    Grace Kennedy posing with a character at Netherworld . GRACE KENNEDY
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    One of the monsters at Netherworld. NETHERWORLD
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    Vulgaris, one of the best known characters in full effect. NETHERWORLD
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    Mary Ortwein, Callie Kennedy, Grace Kennedy, and Clara Ortwein

Another Halloween, Another Year of Netherworld

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It’s that time of the year when everything gets a little spooky. “Frightening”, “Creepy”, and “Terrifying” are all words freshmen, Clara and Mary Ortwein and sophomore Grace Kennedy described Netherworld Haunted House. Opening in 1997, the Netherworld Haunted House has grown into a world famous attraction, located here in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year, thousands of people who want to get a little jolt of fear go to the renowned, Netherworld Haunted House.

Over the past couple of years, Netherworld has received raving reviews, it was even rated by Hauntworld.com, the titles of one of Americas Best Haunts of 2016 and the world’s top 13 scariest haunted houses by for the past two years. Another accomplishment that Netherworld has be awarded is Travel’s Best in Halloween Attractions for the past two years by Travelchannel.com.

Netherworld is split up into two houses. The bigger, and longer attraction house is the main house and it is located above the other house. Netherworld also has a smaller, shorter house that is gorier than the main house below the main house. This house is called Vault 13. Last year, Netherworld’s theme was The Rotting for the main house while Vault 13’s theme was Unearthed. This year, the creators of Netherworld changed the theme to Monsters for the upstairs show and Meltdown, for the show downstairs.

One of the main reasons thrillers of Netherworld is the characters that go along with the decorations in the houses. One of Kennedy’s favorite parts of the houses is when “you go into the haunted house running from all the people in the parking lot and taking pictures with them”. Some of the characters that roam around the outside of the Netherworld premises are the baby doll, The Collector, and Crampus. One of the most popular and well known characters is the monster, Vulgaris. Vulgaris’ character runs around the parking lot then suddenly sparks as he slides along the ground. The design of the two houses are amazing although the acting and time the characters put into each night cannot be beat.

Being one of the biggest and best haunted houses in the world, Netherworld could be looking into an expansion sometime soon. The Netherworld owners are in the process of receiving permission to change locations to the shadows of Stone Mountain. Netherworld Haunted House is hoping to be moving in December to be ready for the next Halloween season.

Netherworld Haunted House has swept the haunted house nation and has perfected the art in terrifying their willing customers. If you’re looking for a heart pounding experience this fall season, Netherworld is a thrilling destination but hurry before it’s too late…





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