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    Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton face off in the 2016 presidential election

Election Exhaustion

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There is no doubt that election seasons are often accompanied with much stress, however this year’s presidential election has created an overwhelming amount of division, anguish and chaos across our country.

As a current high schooler, I have passed the stage of innocence where I was excluded from the vices of the world and its politics. As a child, everything was carefree; the only real thing I had to worry about was deciding what I was going to be for Halloween or how I could get my sister in trouble without getting caught.

But as I have matured, the real-world problems I used to neglect now keep me up at night. The egos of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton terrorize me, knowing that the politics of today will have a direct impact on my future.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton face off in the 2016 presidential election – Google Images

After months of primary elections, debates and campaigns, we are now forced to choose between a crude-reality TV star and the female version of Richard Nixon to lead our country for the next four years.

As the countdown to Nov. 9 is nearing its finish, Americans wait grudgingly for this objectionable decision to be made. It’s hard to think that a decision with such lousy options could have any positive outcome.

But we will be okay…and life will go on. I’m not saying this out of blissful ignorance, but out of a firm faith that if we put our trust in God —the one who leads us through the valley of the shadow of death sees us to the other side— we will have nothing to worry about.

Unlike many impractical Americans looking to flee the country at any sign of adversity, God won’t be packing up and moving to Canada after this election (or any other country for that matter). In fact, I believe His presence will be prevalent in this nation even more so, as people will ultimately turn to Him when everything else seems to be falling apart.

There is no doubt that these next few years will be different. But amid the potential chaos, we will be strong.

If God can provide manna for the Israelites every day throughout the forty years they wandered across the desert, He can provide exactly what we need (and more) to get through the next four years.

We might be electing a Commander-in-Chief, but we aren’t electing God, and that should be worth celebrating.






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