Enjoying Fall’s Fair Festivities

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Ferris wheels, funnel cakes and petting zoos, oh my. The Cumming County Fair and Festival is the “the place to be” from Oct. 6-16, 2016. In fact, many Wesleyan students could be spotted chowing down on some kettle corn or screaming on the amusement ride, the Cyclops.

This fun event attracts many from the North Atlanta area and offers many returning rides such as Midway, Flying Circus, Pirate Ship, Moon Rocket and Sky Flyer as well as some new coasters including X Factor and Yoppi.

Sophomore Megan Bielan’s favorite ride was the Seattle Wheel – more commonly known as the Ferris wheel.

“I liked it because it didn’t spin as much as the other rides,” said Bielan. Apart from the top of the gondola, this ride provides the best view of the fair in the county.

Favoring the opposite extreme is sophomore Sophie Parsonnet. “My favorite ride was the Cyclops,” said Parsonnet. In this ride, riders dangle from suspended seats and are attached by over the shoulder harnesses. At full swing, the ride reaches 75’ in the air. “It was thrilling,” Parsonnet said.

Lines proved to be a major setback for many, especially on the fair’s closing weekend, Oct. 14-16. In regards to the wait times on Oct. 15, junior Haley Badciong said “just talking to friends passes the time pretty quickly.”

Cumming County also provided many food vendors for their visitors. Hot dogs, funnel cakes, corndogs and ribbon fries were just a few of the long-standing fair classics. “Fried Oreos are by far my favorite,” freshman Whitaker Welch said.

However, all that heavy food could mix poorly with the fast spinning rides. To someone planning a future fair trip, Bielan said, “Don’t eat the ribbon fries before riding the X Factor.”

Though all the fair fun has been put to an end for this fall season, the annual amusement rides and vendors will be back again in Oct. 2017.



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