Homecoming Festivities Entertain and Unite

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As the years pass by the Homecoming dance and all of the festivities that come along with it never seem to disappoint.

Although the homecoming dance is the main event, there are many activities that are built around the actual dance. One popular event is the homecoming football game. The Homecoming Queen and King are announced at halftime which seems to get the student body even more excited about the dance.

Math teacher and Football coach, Chris Paroli helped explain how the football team was preparing prior to the homecoming game.  “We are looking at film and we`re making sure we are focused on being at our best as we prepare for a really good offensive and defensive team and a great test for us”, Paroli said.

Although the wolves experienced a tough loss on Friday Quarterback Banks Ramsey commented and said, “We are going to use that loss as fuel to our engine and keep trucking along with intentions of winning the state championship”.

Mitchell Robinson added to that by saying,” We move forward and keep working hard because the season isn’t over and we know we will meet those teams again in the playoffs”.

The previous homecoming dances and activities looked very similar to this year’s, except for one main component. Student government advisor, Robin Godard said, “The biggest difference this year is the addition of decorating floats in place of hallways… that’s going to be really exciting for each grade.” This definitely added some more excitement and bonding throughout each grade when the building of the floats took place. The floats were made to reflect each grades separate theme for the Homecoming theme: “America”.

Godard shared some appealing news prior to the dance. She said, “We are using the same DJs as last year… so it should be amazing.” This definitely had many students excited because of the DJs popularity at last year’s dance and their enthusiasm and amazing music.

Following the dance freshman Lizzy Stainback was asked if homecoming lived up to her expectations.  She said, “I had such a good time and it definitely lived up to my expectations… Even though we were all freezing I had so much fun with all my friends”.

Junior Gigi Huggins had a similar response about the chilly weather. “It was a lot colder than I expected it to be”, Huggins said.  She continued, “I would say the music was the best out of any other years and it was the first year I stayed the whole time which says something”.

Both the football game and the dance were enjoyed greatly by not only the student body but the teachers as well. Homecoming provides a time where students can hang out with friends, dress up and take part in fun activities that are built around the annual homecoming football game and dance.



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