New Clubs Allow Lower School Students to Explore

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From baking delicious treats to running triathlons and learning new computer programs, the lower school has a new list of entertaining after school activities every day.

These clubs are new to Wesleyan this year and take place Monday through Friday from 3 o’clock to 4:30 and each class is held once a week. In the months of September and October, there are nine exciting clubs to choose from. This lists includes Art Adventurers, Minecrafterz, Chapel Actor Troupe, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Sewing, Choristers, Triathlon Training and Cooking.

One of the many enjoyable clubs is cooking club. This club takes place on Thursday and is for Pre-First to Fourth graders and is led by First-grade teacher Jenna Ramsey. In this club, the kids learn lots about cooking, get to cook lots of sweet treats and indulge in their hand-made desserts.

Ramsey said, “Each day we learn basic cooking skills and cook two dishes. We have made miniature apple pies, sandwich sushi, campfire cones, mac and cheese, Oreo dirt cups, mini pizzas, smoothies and breakfast. The kids’ favorite part about the class is definitely eating.” First grader Melloy Madray said, “My favorite thing we have made is pizzas.”

Another class we enjoy is Chapel Actor Troupe. In this class, the students come up with characters and a fun script that they get to perform a chapel for their classmates. There are 24 slots and the actors change weekly.

Lower School Spanish Teacher, Martin-Fong said, “The kids’ themes change each year.  This year the Tuesday rehearsal cast chose to be a Wesleyan family. The Wednesday rehearsal cast chose to be a school much like Wesleyan.  The Thursday rehearsal cast chose their parts. There are three fantasy puppets, Toble, Hissle and Kriwald, two robbers, two ninjas and two magic candy makers who own a candy store. Also, each skit reinforces our monthly core virtue and corresponding Bible verse.  A Bible story is also incorporated into each script.”

Another interesting club is Minecrafterz. Michael Mann said, “Our club is currently building models of famous Atlanta structures and buildings.  We are building The Coke Museum, New Falcons Stadium, Aquarium, Braves Stadium, and GA Capital Building.”

This new addition to the lower school is a fun opportunity for the students to have fun and try new things.

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