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So Worth Loving is a local clothing company based on the importance of self-love and self-worth founded by Eryn Eddy Erickson, a Georgian musician and entrepreneur.

Erickson “unwittingly birthed an inspirational brand” five years ago, according to Atlanta Magazine. She was a musician who wanted to create a physical reminder for her fans that they are worthy of love. Her songs are “melodic poetry sewn together by contagious hooks and powered by rhythmic, electronic pop-rock fusion” that are all “about empowerment and about overcoming your obstacles.”

She had started a Tumblr blog for her music where people vulnerably posted stories of their own struggles with self-worth, and Erickson “learned that when others shared their stories, it inspired [her] to look into [her own] life and see the beauty over the pain.”

Erickson accidentally started her business with just a few stencils and fabric spray paint. “I started [spray painting “so worth loving” on] my shirts and then my friends’ shirts and then their friends’ shirts, and then I started noticing more and more people wanted this phrase on them because it meant something to them, which is exactly what I wanted,” said Erickson in her interview with Jeff Shinabarger.

Pretty soon the phrase caught on and started catching people’s attention. This growing company is so unique because it recognizes that “there [is] beauty in facing issues that needed to be dealt with” and “each of us knows what it’s like to feel unloved or degraded.” Erickson “truly believes” the timeless message that “if you live your life through the lens of knowing you have value and that you have worth, your decisions are different.”

So Worth Loving’s Wesleyan School representative and high school junior Lauren Bell was just scrolling through social media when she discovered So Worth Loving’s account. Bell got involved with the company and “received an email asking if [she] wanted to sign up to be a representative.” Bell said, “I immediately filled out the [application because] So Worth Loving taught me that even when I feel awful, depressed and unaccepted, I am truly none of these things. I am worthy and so is everyone around me.”

At first she thought it was a Christian-based company because of the positive and accepting message of love and the value of being yourself. Bell said she “actually thought this was genius because it pretty much teaches what the Bible says [about] how we should view ourselves without associating it with faith. I believe this [is] wise because it allows all people to feel free to get involved.” Erickson also said, “[So Worth Loving] is no an exclusive club… If you have a beating heart, you are in the family!”

“No matter my history, past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, I am worthy of love…So Worth Loving. It’s a lifestyle,” states the company’s motto. Bell also strongly believes in this company’s mission statement because “everyone gets so caught up in what other think about them- their grades, their clothes, and their social rankings” and they “let these things define them,” but So Worth Loving and Bell want everyone to know that “[they] are worthy, just the way [they] are.”

Bell said, “As a representative, the first thing I am responsible to do is live a life that displays the message of So Worth Loving. This means that I am kind to others, I encourage everyone I come in contact with and I let others know that they are worthy.”

This company continues to strive to include “every lost soul who feels alone.” So Worth Loving has expanded from Clarksville and Alpharetta to East Atlanta, and the message has now has reached all 50 states, 30 countries, and has influenced over 100,000 social media channels.

Erickson tied her whole company together when saying that “at its heart, So Worth Loving is a worldview and a positive way of thinking” and “a brand that makes a point to remind you to love yourself and to love people.”

If you want to join the family or just want to learn more about So Worth Loving, visit www.shop.soworthloving.com or visit 535 Gresham Ave. SE Atlanta, GA.

Visit http://eddymusic.com/ to hear Erickson’s music.



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