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Whether it is in lower school, middle school or in high school, the students and faculty get the privilege of eating lunch made by Sage Dining. The Green & Gold went “behind the scenes” of Sage Dining to discover more about what the staff does on a daily basis.

One new component that was introduced to the high school this year was the self-serve hot line, rather than staff-served.

Sage Dining manager Jason Meyers said, “The amount of food preparation has definitely increased since self-service has been introduced. Currently, most students load up their plate because the concept is new, and they don’t want to get back in line. I believe it will eventually smooth out.”

When asked whether self-serve helps the movement of things, English teacher Dawson Zimmerman believes it does and said, “I think everyone is able to get a better quantity of what they want, and I think that things are moving much smoother than anyone expected.”

However, not all students prefer this system. Sophomore Sofia Vallejo said, “People take more time getting the amount of food they want, but when it was not self-serve, the plates were ready, so it didn’t take that much time.”

One thing in particular that everyone agrees on is the friendliness of the Sage Dining staff. English teacher Cameron Alexander said, “The staff is always friendly and helpful, and they genuinely care about those they are serving. They are part of what makes Wesleyan great!”

“They are always so friendly and always worrying if there is enough food for everyone”, said Vallejo.

As you walk through the lunch line to get hot lunch, you might notice little cards placed next to the fruits—mainly apples— that display names of locally grown orchards.

“We strive to source out as much local products as possible… Our here and near chalkboard found in the dining room will have a list of farms and the products that we are currently purchasing,” Meyers said.

The Sage Dining staff was asked at about what time they arrive in the morning and what time they start preparing for both the middle and high school lunches. Meyers said, “A normal day for my crew starts at 5:30 a.m.” This staff puts in a lot of effort to make sure the food is the best it can be for students and faculty.

In the season of thanksgiving, Sage Dining could always use more of gratitude from students. Sophomore Caroline Burke said, “I think we should try to appreciate the staff more. They do so much for us and we should really try to show our appreciation more.”

“We should go more out of our way to thank them for their hard work”, said senior Michaela Harper.

This “behind the scenes” of Sage Dining shows the importance of what this staff does for the entire school. They provide the students and faculty with nutritious food and also with their personalities that never fail to put a smile on the faces of the people at Wesleyan.

Alexander said, “I can’t leave Dubose without smiling.”


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