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Exams are coming up and many students are beginning to stress out. There are many studying tips that can improve testing and grades.

Junior Payton Kaloper stresses about exams. Brooks Lalley.
Junior Payton Kaloper stresses about exams. Brooks Lalley.

One way to study is with frequent breaks. Obviously, do not take a ten minute break every five minutes, but to study in small amounts. These amounts can be 20 or so minutes with a quick five minute break in between to relax. Also, do no study all in one night. Studying over a span of days will help spark the brain retaining the information in a healthier manner.

Another way to study is to study at the end of the day, right before bed. This studying habit will lock in the information as the brain strengthens new memories while asleep, giving the brain a chance to remember what was learned the night before.

Teach the material like telling a story. This will spark memory on test day, going back to the story. For example, the algebraic operation PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) try to remember it this way “Philip (P) wanted to eat (E) his friend Mary (M) but he died (D) from arsenic (AS) poisoning”

There are many incentives with rewards to acquire while studying. A popular study incentive is to place candy, like M&Ms or Gummy Bears, on notes or books to eat along the way of studying or reading. This will guide and help the person. But remember, only eat the treat that section of notes or reading is done.

Get up and move! If the body stays stationary the whole period of studying, then the brain essentially lacks information. Getting up and moving around will activate the brain in the proper way allowing it to function more smoothly. “You gotta get your juices flowing,” said Junior Girls Grade Chair, Knoxie Roche while explaining to her World History Class.

Finally, stay focused. Do not get distracted with phones, television shows, friends or food. Actually study when trying to study. Along with focus, make sure to sleep. According to science, this is the most vital aspect in getting good grades. The end of this semester is near. Keep up the good work.

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