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The Omicron Service Society (OSS) team is bigger than ever and ready to serve. The OSS serves from a mile down the road to helping pack food for families in Africa. It is divided into two smaller teams: green and gold. Each week the team visits at least three different locations.

The team frequently visits Perigrine Landing assisted living facility. Perigrine Landing is only a short 10 minute drive from Wesleyan. It is an assisted living home for people in need of memory care. The students visit the residents each week and play games with them. Each week the residents look forward to the students coming to spend time with them and students are eager to lift the residents’ spirits. Kris Laurite said, “One time I was there and talking with one of the ladies. She couldn’t remember much, but when we started talking about Bible verses and singing “Jesus Loves Me,” it helped her remember.”

Another place the students have visited is Clarkston, GA. In the city of Clarkston, the students help tutor kids of all ages. Junior Olivia Frye said, “My favorite part is getting to form relationships with people I normally wouldn’t. That is what’s so cool about Omicron you go to the same places every week and really get to know the people—it isn’t so much about helping people, but just making people feel like equals.”

The students all visit Corners Outreach in Dunwoody. This is another opportunity to help tutor kids. Faculty fellow Sally Callahan said, “I like the idea of Corners Outreach because it is so local and these kids just live right down the street. That just puts into perspective where we live. So much hope is attached to education and I’m excited to help them.”

Callahan also said, “It is not only an opportunity for me to be a leader for the students, but also an opportunity for me to continually serve.”

On top of all of this service, they also serve on the weekends. They have been part of the Care for Aids event. Care for Aids is an organization that helps families affected for HIV/AIDS in East Africa. Their goal is to help parents live longer and have the ability to raise their children. At this event, the students packed 336,000 meals.

Another weekend event was Church on the Street. At this event the students traveled to Renaissance Park and got to know the homeless people. Junior Madeline Benfield said, “My favorite place to go is an event called Church on the Street. We go to Renaissance Park in Midtown and we talk, drink coffee, and have fellowship with people from the nearby homeless shelter. I love talking with these people because everyone’s story is touching and interesting.”

Benfield also said, “I do Omicron because not only are you serving other people in the community and the city, but you are also helping grow yourself through new relationships, meeting new people, seeing different circumstances and just all around using your time for good.”

Omicron is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, get involved in the community and serve.

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