Wesleyan Gives Back at Lower School Gratitude Chapel

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Facilities are like the undercover celebrities of Wesleyan School; they are known and loved by nearly everyone and are always providing for those on campus, whether they realize it or not.

Since the facilities workers are constantly keeping the school up and running in tip-top shape, the lower school students were given an opportunity to say thank you. During the chapel of Nov. 9, every unit of Wesleyan facilities was recognized. Groundskeepers, housekeeping, and Sage Dining chefs were called up to the stage, where they were thanked and applauded for their service to the school. They were also given a “Thanksgiving Blessing Basket” as well as a small monetary gift, both courtesy of lower school families.

In particular, Mrs. Tara Pack was recognized for her 14 years of service in the dining department.

The core virtue of the month for the lower schoolers was “gratitude.” In order to provide an example of gratitude through entertainment, a skit entitled “Meet the Larners” was performed by the fourth grade chapel leaders Holden Cotter, Ryan Cowart, Will Jamieson, Noah Beckman, Jacob Menefee, Thomas Markley, Charlie Wise and Cole Williams.

The skit told the story of a family who allowed a friend to stay with them while his dishwasher was broken. During his stay, the friend was able to learn more about God through reading the Bible and attending church, things he had not previously practiced. Through the family’s gratitude, their friend became not only a reader of God’s word, but a Christian as well.

After the skit, Lower School Principal Jason Erb introduced the morning’s speaker, Joseph Antonio. Erb gave a spot-on description of Antonio when he said, “[Antonio] loves kids, loves God and loves what he does.”

Antonio then went on to speak about how gratitude is applied in a relationship with God throughout daily life. In his message, he told the audience that God gave humanity the Earth (Psalm 24), the gift of life (Psalm 118:224), and every good and perfect gift (James 1:17). He then went on to say that since God is responsible for such provisions, His people should give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians (5:18) and give thanks for everything to God (Ephesians 5:20) because He is good and His love endures forever (1 Chronicles 16:34).

To conclude his message, Antonio called up Pat Holbrook, a facility worker, and a group of fourth graders to perform a rendition of the Ten Lepers story in Luke. Per usual, Holbrook was a crowd favorite, playing a spot-on version of Jesus.

The chapel drew to a close with the singing of Wesleyan’s Alma Mater, recitation of Psalm 24 and reception of the benediction.

In a post-service interview, Erb said that 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 “exemplified the Wesleyan goal” and was a perfect summary of the day’s message, as it is not the people who are to thank for the world’s success, but God, as He is the true provider of all resources.

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