Wrestling Hits the Mat for the New Season

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This upcoming season poses fierce competition for the Wrestling Wolves, but there is no backing down. The wrestlers are preparing for the season by getting in shape and eating healthier, to ensure their success. “We are practicing every day, conditioning and drilling moves.” said Head Coach, Dennis Stromie.

This season, the Wolves have a stacked team with returning senior and captain, William Delk, leading the pack along with the other top wrestlers, junior George Bielan and sophomore Harrison Dearth.

With most of the team still involved in prior athletic commitments, Stromie said, “We cannot put a whole team together yet due to fall sports still going on, but once football is over we will have our team back.” Once all the members are present in a few weeks, the team will start getting into the groove of the season.

Delk and Stromie said that Commerce High School is their biggest competition this season.

“Commerce is one of, if not the best team in the state across all classifications,” said Delk, “They are in our area so we will see them multiple times later in the season.”

The wrestling team also has many managers who work behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

When asked what the role of a manager was during a meet, junior Megan Gallagher said, “Other than setting up, the managers do three jobs during the meet. There is someone working on the score book who keeps track of the points awarded to the wrestlers. There is another person who manages the clock and scoreboard.”

Gallagher added, “The third person is doing something called ‘bopping.’ Bopping is when we take a towel that is rolled up, and when there are five seconds left on the clock, we go behind the ref[eree] and count down out loud. When the time is up, we hit him with the towel that way he knows that time has run out.”

It is clear that most wrestlers on the team enjoy the team environment of the sport above anything else.

Dearth said, “I enjoy the team aspect of the sport. The duels are super fun because you have your entire team with you and everyone is cheering each other on.”

With the competition rising in their division, it is easy to lose track of the fun in the sport, but Delk said, “My favorite part of wrestling is the team duels where you can wrestle for your teammates that are counting on you rather than just for yourself.”

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