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History Bowl Premieres with Instant Success

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Wesleyan caters to its audience in the aspect of extracurricular activities, and with the new addition of the History Bowl, its résumé is only growing.

With its focus on historical questions, History Bowl is a year-long, nation-wide, inter-school league with competitions all throughout the schoolyear. The first competition was in November, but three more will take place over the next six months: a regular competition in January, state in March and nationals in April.

The Wesleyan team, led by Ted Russell, was able to attend the November competition. Despite being its first year participating in History Bowl, the school performed very well. Junior Jack Lambert said, “We had quarterfinal and semifinal Varsity finishes and JV won the whole tournament.”

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November and December Christian Life Themes

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As the holiday season approaches and life gets busy, the idea of love needs to be kept in mind.

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Children of Christmas: Where Are They Now?

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Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen. Tumblr.
Taylor Momsen. Billboard.

Remember that adorable girl who played Cindy Lou Who in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas? How could anyone forget. Many people remember her for her gorgeous rendition of Faith Hill’s “Where Are You Christmas” and her hair that looked like an Auntie Annie’s Pretzel, but few people recognize her today. Since starring in that beloved Christmas classic, Momsen went on to appear in Spy Kids 2 and even audition for the title role of Hannah Montana for the Disney Channel Original Series. She also went on to appear in the hit TV show Gossip Girl. Currently Momsen finds fame as the lead singer for the rock band The Pretty Reckless. Today fans might find her under dark shades of eyeliner or accompanied by an entourage of older men (aka her band), but no matter where she is, there is no doubt that she still embodies the heart of the Christmas spirit.

McCauley Culkin

McCauley Culkin. E!.
McCauley Culkin. YouTube.

Contrary to popular belief, McCauley Culkin is not dead. After suffering the major trauma of getting left home alone during Christmas (not once, but twice), Culkin went on to become… nothing. Unless Culkin invents a cure to cancer or makes a major comeback to the entertainment industry (he won’t do either), he will never be anything more than a child actor. Over the years, Culkin has evolved into the posterchild for the anti-drug movement, spending some quality time behind bars due to drug abuse. Nowadays you might see him out and about. Just look for that sketchy guy that your mom always told you to avoid who lures children into his van with free candy!

Eric Lloyd

Eric LLoyd. Eric Lloyd.
Eric Lloyd. Eric Lloyd.

If you don’t know who Eric Lloyd is, you must not live in this world. Known to most people as Charlie Calvin, it’s a shame that Eric Lloyd virtually disappeared from society after his breakout role in the Santa Claus trilogy.  After stealing the hearts of audiences young and old, he went on to star in the Hollywood blockbuster The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, a true cinematic masterpiece. But where is he now?  Who knows? In fact, did he ever exist or is he just a figment of our imagination? All we know about Lloyd is that he went on to open a movie/music studio, names LP Studios, somewhere in Los Angeles. But it obviously hasn’t done well according to their unattractive outdated website. Well wherever you are Eric, we miss you.

Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley. IMDb.


This is a classic tale of “don’t bully the chubby kid with glasses, because he might turn out to be attractive and successful.” And in fact, Peter Billingsley (aka. Ralphie from the American Christmas classic, A Christmas Story) has become both attractive and successful. With an Emmy nomination and a plethora of other random accolades under his belt, he rises above all other Christmas child actors.




Artists Showcase Their Work

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Art is essential in our world because it allows for vulnerable expression, emotional and physical outlets for the creative and communication that breaks the barriers of time, language and culture.

Even though art is so prevalent in society, there is little recognition for those brave enough to expose their art for others to admire and judge. This article is dedicated to those courageous high school students who have decided to share their art and ideas behind it with their community.

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Senior Signings: One Step Closer to College

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This fall nine athletes are taking a big step and signing with various colleges to continue their athletic career. Athletes perform in various sports such as: baseball, basketball, diving, golf and volleyball. These athletes will soon attend schools all around the country. Keep Reading

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