Coach Wolf Gets Wesleyan Athletes into Shape

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While winter season sports are coming to an end, the spring conditioning is just beginning with Coach Dustin Wolf. Coach Wolf pushes all of his athletes to train well, so they are able to play well.

Wolf’s mission is to help each sport reach its full potential during game time. Sophomore basketball player Callie Weaver said that, “I think it’s worthwhile because I can see a difference in my game in the winter through my strength and stability, and I think you can see it in the whole team too.”

Not only does the basketball team sees improvements from Wolf, but so does the lacrosse team. Coach Lee Rider said, “I see them gain confidence in themselves as they are getting bigger and stronger, and I also see their speed and agility get better.” From bench-pressing to lifting and stretching, Wolf trains Wesleyan athletes to work to the best of their abilities.

As an undergraduate student at Carson Newman College and then getting his Master’s Degree in biomechanics in sports medicine from the University of Tennessee, Wolf studied hard to make a lifestyle out of exercise science.

Since starting his practice 15 years ago, Coach Wolf has helped Wesleyan gain high achievement awards throughout his few years working at Wesleyan. Wolf said, “Wesleyan has been awarded the Strength of America award for the last three years,” which gives credit to few schools that show high standards in the safety and strength of upcoming athletes.

Wesleyan sports teams find help from Wolf while trying to gain endurance and strength. Although Coach Wolf oversees many different teams, his workout methods change only with the sport. “From a strength standpoint, I’m making athletes move well, stronger and more powerful,” Wolf said. As Wolf trains the lacrosse players with an endurance based workout, basketball would be more interval. Both the basketball team and lacrosse team condition with Wolf two days a week. The varsity boys’ lacrosse team also spends time with Wolf on the track as well, training for their speed and agility.

Even though Wolf has only worked at Wesleyan for 10 years, he works hard to make each workout strengthen and build endurance for each Wesleyan athlete to make it a bigger, better school.

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