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    Seniors Abby Gardner and Martin He stop at the photo booth before hitting the dance floor at Sadie 2016. Amanda Cheatwood.
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    A group of sophomores gather for a quick picture together at last year's Sadie. Amanda Cheatwood.
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    Seniors Abbey Gritters, TJ Anderson, Jessie Roberts and Sydney Milikan snap a picture with Spanish teacher, Guillermo Vallejo. Amanda Cheatwood.
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    Junior girls, Darby Carroll, Lauren Pavelec, Ashton Cameron and Suzanne Godard attend Sadie by the seaside. Amanda Cheatwood.
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    Sophomores Cameron Binney, Kris Laurite, Chloe Hangartner and Landon Parks celebrate sadie with some festive leis. Amanda Cheatwood.

From Swing Dancing by the Seaside to Whipping in the West

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Sadie season is rapidly approaching, which means the tides have officially turned. The guys get to sit back and relax, while the girls take on the role of coming up with ridiculously cheesy puns in order to ask that special someone to the dance.

This girls-ask-boys winter dance has been on Wesleyan’s annual calendar for nine years, thanks to Student Government Advisor and Student Activities Director, Brian Krehmeyer.

Krehmeyer proposed changing Sadie into a winter dance where dates were not encouraged, but the Student Government Staff overruled the vote and decided to keep the Sadie as is.

When asked about the decision process regarding the Sadie theme, junior Student Government Representative Kelsey Rappe, said, “The decision process is actually quite simple for deciding the theme. The president usually asks people to present ideas, and then the rest of the Student Government reps and officers discuss possible details: how to dress for the theme, possible décor… Once we get [the list of theme ideas] down to two or three, we take a vote and majority wins.”

Last year’s dance theme “By the Seaside,” received mixed reviews from the students that attended.

Senior Kelsey Strott said, “I thought it was the best of all the Sadie [dances] I had been to in the past.”

On the other hand, some students, like sophomore Stevie Crawford, had a different experience. Crawford said, “[The dance] could be improved because the music wasn’t great.”

Fortunately, Student Government had no shame in realizing that there are improvements that could be made and are willing to follow through with necessary changes.

Rappe said, “We hope to improve the atmosphere as a whole- with better music that students will want to dance to, some good refreshments and maybe offer some other activities besides dancing.”

As for this year, the “Kick the Dust Up” theme allows for a large variety of entertainment and attire. For the girls, one option is a denim skirt paired with a classic plaid shirt, topped off with a trendy wrap choker, or even a bandana headband.

Another possibility is to go all-out 20th century western with a nice floor-length skirt and a conservative peasant blouse.

For the boys, who generally seem to be less concerned with planning their outfit for the night, they can throw on a t-shirt and flannel with a pair of jeans, and they’re good to go.

Nothing too fancy, but perhaps even a fashionable, homemade pair of jorts could make an appearance, but only for those who are feeling up to the challenge.

It is hard to pass up an opportunity to break out the cowboy boots, which can be sported by both girls and boys for the dance. Even if they choose not to dress according to the theme, at least throw on a pair of boots and the look will be immediately westernized.

The entertainment possibilities are endless, but one game that can be expected is cornhole. Not only is it a classic party game, but what better fit for a western dance? Bobbing for apples and horseshoe toss could also make a fitting appearance at this year’s dance, given their country-esque nature.

Sadie will be here in the blink of an eye; students should start planning their outfits and dates now to kick the dust up on the Marchman dance floor Feb. 25 for a “neigh-t” to remember.

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