The After Hours: What You Don’t See

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Even though we do not often see what goes on after hours at Wesleyan, many tasks are completed that therefore allows Wesleyan to have an engaging environment.

Housekeeping is a service that falls under the category of services that happens after hours. Housekeeping is something Wesleyan could not do without and something that often goes unrecognized. The Wesleyan students and staff can show their gratitude to them by picking up trash, thanking them, and cleaning up after themselves.

Many of the workers have different hours that vary based on their position. To get more information on their hours and the amount of days they work Carolina Aponte answered. She said, “I work from 3 to 11 Monday through Friday”. Chris Pringle also said, “We are supposed to work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, but it usually tends to go longer than 8 hours a day and more than 5 days out of the week.”

The discussion continued on into the responsibilities each person is required to take part in. Many of the staff members participate in different tasks so they can get more things done quicker. “Some of my responsibilities are managing people, taking care of events, and telling everyone their tasks for the day and what to do”, said Head of Housekeeping Suyapa Bono. Pringle said, “I do carpool, setups, clean, and take care of the equipment.” Lastly Sonia Lopez said, “My responsibilities consist of taking care of the children, cleaning, and making sure the school is safe.”

Many of staff were also asked why they enjoy working at Wesleyan. Aponte said, “I guess I just really enjoy cleaning and the people – the teachers are really nice.” Bono also said, “I like everything at Wesleyan – the environment, the people, the teachers, and the students.”

This Housekeeping staff is something Wesleyan should cherish and not take for granted. They constantly pick up messes that we leave behind as well as deep cleaning beneath the surface. When asked if we appreciate housekeeping enough and how we can improve Spanish teacher Guillermo Vallejo said, “I believe that we appreciate them but we don’t dimension the important role they have in our school.  I love when I see students, faculty, or staff talking to them, learning about their lives, asking them about sports, or just thanking them for all their incredible job.” He continued, “We can better show our thankfulness by greeting them, being sure you don’t litter the school, trying to include them in your conversations, and always thanking them for all they do in our school community.”

Junior Alejandra Gleason said, “We can help them by picking up after ourselves, especially in the cafeteria because that’s where things tend to get the messiest.”

When asked what are some thoughts on the housekeeping staff and the way they efficiently make Wesleyan a clean place to come to English teacher Cameron Alexander responded. She said, “Wesleyan’s housekeeping team is wonderful—they’re pleasant to be around, and they work extremely hard to make sure our campus looks as sharp as it does. Visitors are constantly commenting on how great our campus looks, and I think the housekeeping team plays a major role in that.”

Although Housekeeping tends to fly under the radar because they begin their work as soon as our work finishes, they never go unrecognized. The little things like restocking things in the bathroom and dusting around the halls makes a huge difference and is very noticeable. As you go through the school day think about all of the things housekeeping does to make Wesleyan so clean and so great. Thank you housekeeping!

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