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    Sophomore Quinn Kaloper and junior Payton Kaloper argue which is better; TV Shows or Movies.

She Said; She Said

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TV Shows

Quinn Kaloper

Movies are long and boring. There is no time for you to create a bond with the characters and become their family, having TV shows that have several seasons give people that opportunity to form that friendship. On average TV shows have five seasons, which is plenty of time to form a bond with a character or multiple characters.

After watching several seasons,  I feel like I am a part of the show and a part of the character’s family. I become someone that is in the show. In Grey’s Anatomy, I am one of the second year residents that will scrub in with Derek Shepard on his next craniotomy in OR Three. In Friends, I am living with Monica and Rachel in their New York apartment and I sit on the edge of the couch in Central Perk.  In The Bachelor, I’m one of the girls that is fighting Corinne for Nick. Like Corinne says, “I love the taste of victory.”

Even though TV shows are longer becoming; you can watch bits and pieces of episodes while getting ready for school, exercising or even going to the bathroom. Every single second of a movie is important, so you can’t miss anything unless you want to be royally confused on what is happening. With TV shows you can miss a solid five or so minutes and catch up very quickly.

Two plus hours are wasted on watching boring movies that ruins brain cells and make you turn into a couch potato; since you are bored and all that there is to go on your phone and play 2048. There is no time to form a person relationship with the characters.

Breaking Bad director, Vince Gilligan, said, “TV still has the power to surprise,” while movies are so predictable.

The guy is going to get the girl, they are going to open the creepy closet door and they will all live happily ever after. That’s so boring.

Chet Atkins, a famous musician, once said, “Once you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore.”


Payton Kaloper

While some may argue that television is the staple of American entertainment, the highly-educated individuals of this great country agree that movies are the true cornerstone of the United States’ entertainment industry. Needless to say, this remains a very controversial topic that is argued amongst individuals across the globe. In light of this, I can confidently say that movies, without a doubt, are more entertaining and play an all-around superior role than television in the lives of all audiences. Movies are a uniting form of entertainment that bring together and completely satisfy consumers of all ages. Through works, such as Zootopia, Toy Story, Wall-E or even the infamous Frozen, producers are able to reel in entire families to watch these films over and over again. Movies, unlike TV shows, have the reputation of targeting audiences of all ages during their production. Every year, big companies like Pixar and DreamWorks work hard to include jokes that are appropriate for young viewers, but are intended for older viewers. It’s really genius when you think about it. These companies make the movies entertaining for all generations, bringing them together.

Movie script writers intertwine this seemingly perfect balance into their films, but television script writers haven’t quite found this secret recipe of sorts and are rapidly falling far behind in the never-ending battle to grab consumers’ attention. This is simply because there are very few TV shows that are able to draw in both young and old viewers. The other main leg up that movies have right now is their utilization of screen time to address key issues in this nation that can be hard to tackle head on. Movies, like Zootopia, incorporate subtle messages about social issues that this country faces like diversity, equality and gender roles. They are able to use the light-hearted nature of the film to place subtle messages through the use of characters in their films. Recently, these companies have used their platform to try and reach their viewers on a deeper level through metaphors and simply opening the world’s eyes to real life problems through the use of their cute and innocent characters. Occasionally, you will see television shows attempting to bridge this same gap, but it is usually much more forced and generally not as well accepted. Despite the importance of the role movies play in our countries contemporary culture, there is one more important advantage they possess and that is simply their ability to tell a story in a few hours, from beginning to end and grab a viewer’s heart to motivate them to go out and make a change. Therefore, movies are immaculately better than TV strictly because of the strength and the nobility of the characters and the in-depth, meaningful story behind all the fluff.


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