Wesleyan Wolves Spring into Action

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With winter activities coming to a close, spring athletes are shaping up for another season of lacrosse, soccer, track and field, golf, baseball and tennis.

The Wesleyan Wolves are already off to a winning season.

Contributing to the victorious streak are Nicole Fasciana, Sophia Kidder, Callie Davis and Banks Ramsey, who all placed first in their event during the varsity track and field invitational held at Wesleyan on Feb. 15.

In order for a team to play and win as one, players and coaches must communicate and work well together on and off the field, court or track. So as to create a more cohesive team and more enjoyable overall experience, spring athletes and coaches spend time together during and outside of practices, workouts and games.

Head Wesleyan baseball coach of five years, Brian Krehmeyer, said he and his team bond through team dinners, playing trivia, laser tag, going on scavenger hunts and escaping Breakout rooms together.

“The baseball team is a brotherhood,” said varsity player Matt Adent.

Krehmeyer is looking forward to learning what the baseball team’s personality will be this season. “Every team has a different personality. 2016 had a different personality than 2017 will have, even though it’ll have some of the same faces.”

Coach Nathan Emmelhainz served with his middle school boys’ soccer team at the Norcross Co-Op for a weekend, which allowed the team to enjoy getting to know each other whilst benefiting their community.

The girls’ junior varsity lacrosse team also got to make a difference in their community by participating in a service project at the Ronald McDonald House the week after tryouts. Freshman Izzy Rodriguez enjoyed the “awesome bonding experience” where her team got to “cook meals for the families with children in the hospital and help organize the house.”

Varsity golfer Emma Watkins enjoys getting to know the “really good group of girls this year” by “playing a sport [she loves] with people [she loves.]” Watkins joked about their game-day ritual, and said, “We all panic together. It’s a nice bonding experience.”

Varsity tennis player Lauren Alexander has played with fellow seniors Sam Laurite and Makena Renz for the past four years. Alexander said, “We have a great dynamic between the three of us, and I think that contributes to the great dynamic of the team.”

When asked what his favorite game-day ritual is, junior varsity boys’ soccer coach Dawson Zimmerman said it is “[receiving] an inspirational pep talk from Grant Beaty,” who believes “soccer is just as much a physical sport as a mental sport.”

Although Zimmerman’s goal this season is to beat Wesleyan’s rival, Greater Atlanta Christian School, he also recognizes the importance of creating life-long memories and enjoying valuable time with teammates and coaches. “Usually after a crushing defeat, we all have a way of coming together.”

So win or lose this spring season, the Wesleyan Wolves are bound to make on and off the field relationships that are sure to last longer than the short-lived rush of winning.

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