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    Middle and Lower school art were displayed all around the market. Zetzsche.
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    An art display set up by volunteers for the 2017 Artist Market. Zetzsche.
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    Full view of the Wesleyan Artist Market 2017. Zetzsche.
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    Sophomore Zoe Jackson poses with a variety of her homemade soaps and bath products. Zetzsche.
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    Artists set up on the bottom floor of Yancy for the Artist Market. Zetzsche.

Community Gathers for Wesleyan Artist Market

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Along with the arrival of spring, came the bloom of the 2017 Wesleyan Artist Market. For the past year, parents and volunteers alike worked diligently to perfect this year’s market. The Wesleyan Artist Market is a yearly opportunity for artists throughout the community to come together to showcase and sell their work.

This year the media sponsor of Artist Market was Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. The Wesleyan Artist Market was featured as the seventh best event to visit on the Top Ten Events of April in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. The community partner sponsor this year was Pottery Barn at The Forum Peachtree Parkway. One unique addition to the Artist Market this year was the popup shops at Pottery Barn.

“The popup shops give the community the opportunity to see the work of the featured artists the three weekends leading up the market,” said artist market head, Pam Milam. Along with the media and community sponsors, there were also 45 other different level sponsors that donated their money and talents to the 2017 Wesleyan Artist Market.

“The Artist Market is just a great way of bringing so many people on campus together. There is such good energy, fun and it is a great way to showcase our school and see a different side of Wesleyan- the more relaxed, fun art scene,” said Artist Market volunteer, Wendy Staley.

Without the artists, the Artist Market would not be the ARTIST market. This year, over 95 artists sold their products and 42 of those artists are Wesleyan students. Many different forms of art were sold at the artist market; such as paintings, jewelry, bath products and even edible art.

Wesleyan students sold a variety of products. Just to name a few; senior Sophia Kim sold two pieces of her artwork, eighth graders Lilly Tapp and Ashley Binney sold cake pops and Sophomore Zoe Jackson sold her homemade soaps and other bath products. “One thing I love about the Artist Market is the student art section. It is so fun to see other students’ talents and hang out with your friends,” said 8th grader Norah Bishop.

The number of artists is not the only difference in this year’s market. “There is a curated art section from artists all over Atlanta, this allows for us to attract many different people we wouldn’t usually be able to attract from the Atlanta area. The curated artists send art from galleries and we put in the show and they come,” Milam said.

The curated art gave the market more of a sophisticated gallery feel. Another new addition to the Artist Market was taking away the stage for opening night, making the floor feel more open.

The Artist Market is also a great opportunity for Wesleyan students that participate in things such as plays, musicals, band, dance classes and chorus to share their talents with the community by preforming at the Artist Market.

“I performed for an hour, which meant I sang a lot of great songs which was super fun. I loved seeing the community come together, and I loved being a part of it,” said sophomore Laura Von Bargen.

“My favorite thing about the Artist Market is walking around and seeing all of the different products and meeting the people that make them,” said sophomore Zoe Jackson.

As the 2017 Artist Market has come and gone, many volunteers are already in preparation for the 2018 market. The Artist Market is always a great opportunity for all kinds of people to come together in one place and appreciate the beautiful art and the great sense of community that comes with being at Wesleyan.


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