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New Installations in Wesleyan Will Bring Change Around Campus

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Next year, changes will be taking place at Wesleyan. From teachers coming and going, to new classes being added, to students joining the community, there’s plenty of change in the air.

In terms of ratio throughout the entire school, the boys far outweigh the girls, with 77 new boys and 73 new girls. After merely the first round of admission, Wesleyan has enrolled a total of 150 new students.

“We will continue to tour and admit qualified students through the spring and summer in grades where we have room, so this number could increase,” said the Assistant Admissions Director, Jason Scheer.

As Assistant Admissions Director, Scheer is a part of the interviewing and admissions process.  Breaking down the statistics, Wesleyan is adding one student to the sophomore class, zero for the junior class, and two for the senior class. However, the freshman class will be accepting the most: 20 new students.

“Grades K,5,6,and 9…has always accepted a large number of new students,” said Scheer. In total, twenty-three students will be added to the high school. “Twenty new students in the rising 9th grade class will certainly bring change. These twenty students were selected from nearly eighty highly-qualified applicants, so they will bring new talents and skills in the classroom and in extracurricular activities,” said Scheer.  “They create new opportunities for lifelong friendships with our current students.”

Whether a veteran of rookie, new classes are always interesting. One such class that has created a stir as 4-year planning and class registry comes to a close, is a new bible class. Specifically, a new Bible elective for high school students.

“The course title is ‘Eschatology: A Study of the End Times and the Book of Revelation’” said Glenn Archer, Head of the Bible Department. Archer has the responsibility, with principal Jeff Plunk, of deciding which Bible classes to add or take away.

This new class, having already gained the nickname “Revelations” among students, will be focusing on the book of Revelations, discussing and dissecting how the book should be approached.

“By adding a course that studies the Book of Revelation, students will get a glimpse of the culmination of God’s plan of redemption, understand the various views on how this book is interpreted and be exposed to the truth that the God of all of creation desires a personal relationship with each of us,” said Archer.

“My prayer is that it might provide a renewed sense of hope for all of us, build confidence that God is a promise keeper and that ultimately each of us will pursue a dynamic, growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ” said Archer.

Although a new class is being added, no electives will be removed. Wesleyan will continue to offer all the Bible electives to the high school that it has offered this past year. We do not know yet which teachers are slated to teach this year.

Speaking of teachers, plenty of new teachers will be joining Wesleyan. Some of them will be familiar faces, gaining a permanent place at Wesleyan, while still others take their place as faculty fellows. From new students, to new classes, to even new teachers, Wesleyan has revision all around. Although development and modification is good, Wesleyan remains the school it has always been: striving toward Christian academic excellence. Whatever the adjustment, Wesleyan continues to thrive.

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