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    Darby Carroll and Zach Green perform in The Crucible
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    Emily Sabonis-Chafee portrays Elizabeth Proctor.
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    Abrianna Harris, Alexis Wildermuth and Jaucqir Lafond put on emotional performances.

Wesleyan Players Evoke Emotion in “The Crucible”

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With their final production of the 2016-2017 season, the Wesleyan Wolf Players ended on a solemn note with the emotional, convicting and memorable performance of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.”

Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, The Crucible follows the twisted agendas, drastic behavior and the widespread paranoia of the Salem Witch Trials. More specifically the story follows the mischievous and deceitful Abigail Williams, played by Darby Carroll, as her web of lies entangles her former lover John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth, played by Seniors Zach Green and Emily Sabonis-Chaffee.

In describing what it was like to be in his first Wesleyan show, Alex Bone said, “it wasn’t as intimidating as I first thought it would be. I mean, it was hectic, since we only had half the normal time to rehearse. I was more nervous about forgetting my lines or throwing off the other actors, but everyone else would just tell me I was doing great. Everyone was killing it too, so the environment is very friendly to inexperienced people like me.”

From the first line to the final bows, there was no room for any comedic relief in this pensive play. Each actor was fully immersed in his character which led to countless outstanding and moving performances.

Esther Williams evokes emotion in The Crucible

Junior Darby Carroll played Abigail Williams in a remarkable performance. In talking about how she prepared and rehearsed she said, “as a cast, we only had 25 rehearsals before opening night. I had close to 200 lines in the show and worked 2½ hours or more a day working on my character in the show. It was difficult at first but then everything started flowing together. Even though we didn’t have much time the shows got better every night and people loved it.”

She also described her excitement in getting cast as Abigail: “when I heard that we were doing The Crucible for the spring play I was so excited. As a sophomore last year, we read the play in class and I read as Abigail every day. I wanted to be Abigail so badly so when I got the role, I was so excited but at the same time I was very nervous. I have never been a lead in a show before, so this was a little out of my comfort zone. It was hard to go back and forth between different emotions and memorize over 200 lines, but overall I loved playing Abigail Williams. I am beyond grateful that I could play this role and I wish I could perform again. It was definitely the most enjoyable part of my Junior year,” said Carroll.

In talking about performing in her final Wesleyan production, Senior Emily Sabonis-Chaffee said, “it was weird… I don’t even know how to explain it. It was my 20th Wesleyan show. But to think about the program going on next year without me is sad, but also exciting because I’ll get to see how it grows.”

Jessie Smith, Lizzie Stainback and Darby Carroll perform in The Crucible.

At the end of the show, 24 nooses suddenly dropped from the ceiling as a somber tribute to those who were sentenced to death after being falsely accused of witchcraft during the Salem Trials. The latter recognition was an effective reminder as to the judgement and injustice we face in our current world today.

Junior Madison Lloyd said, “I loved how different and unique it was from other Wesleyan shows. Each person got extremely into character and that made a huge difference because it made the show very dramatic and realistic! It made the audience actually feel as if it was really happening.”

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