Cheerleaders Tumble Into a New Season

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Wesleyan cheerleaders have been practicing all month to get ready for Friday Night Lights. It is only the beginning of the season and the cheerleaders have already shown what they can do. With outstanding stunts, tumbling and new routines, they are ready to cheer on the Wolves.

For the first time ever, freshmen were able to make the varsity level squad. In addition to the six freshmen on the varsity squad, there are three sophomores and three juniors that are new to the varsity team. All together they have made for a great group to cheer on the Wolves to victory.

Cheer coach Alex Bufton said, “There is a lot of skill on this squad, so it will be very exciting to watch the girls do more challenging stunts, tumbling and dance routines.” The squad spent every day of their final week of summer practicing to learn higher level cheers.

Since there are eight seniors on the squad this year, they are ready to work together to lead the student section in cheering on the Wolves. Senior Ashton Cameron said, “It is so fun to see the students get just as, or even more, excited about cheering on the Wolves as we do.”

Senior Laurel Lee Chatham said, “I think a quality that makes up a good cheer squad is everyone’s willingness to listen to each other. Whether if you’re a senior or freshmen I think everyone should be heard , respected and able to be themselves. I think it is important that we all laugh and always have fun together but also know when to be serious and work hard.”

The varsity cheer squad helped serve at the Ronald McDonald house at the beginning of  the school year. They spent hours dancing and playing with kids. They all worked together to make them a delicious breakfast. Junior Jordyn Shackford said, “After making them breakfast, we had a dance party to ‘Juju on that Beat’ and ‘Rolex.’ One girl was extremely shy, and after a while, she finally started dancing with us. It was so heart warming to see her so happy.”

Freshman cheerleader Maddie Parsonnet said, “I love being able to bond with the great group of girls on the [JV] squad.” The junior varsity squad is putting in a lot of hours practicing the cheers. “My favorite cheer is ‘Wesleyan;’ it is really fun and really gets the crowd excited.”

Both squads are ready to cheer on the Wolves and get the student section pumped for the football season.

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