Cross Country Team Blazes into the New Season

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Now that the school year has begun anew, the eruption of fall sports fills the Wesleyan community, and with this eruption comes the new cross country season.

The start of the new season began on July 24 at 8 a.m. when 98 members of the team traveled to Sevierville, Tennessee to the Wilderness in the Smokies Hotel and Indoor Waterpark to undertake three days of hard training and an exorbitant amount of fun.

Each day, all members of the cross country team rose bright and early for a grueling run in mountainous terrain to prepare for the new season ahead. Although there was plenty of difficult training, there was also plenty of opportunities for rest and recovery. This included swimming in freezing rivers, relaxing in Enos, bonding with teammates and riding enormous waterslides.

Captain and senior Matt Adent said, “I’ve attended all four years of XC camp, and I love that it’s a time for the team to get together before school starts and just have a blast together. Riding the Storm Chaser has become one of my favorite pastimes.”

The team returned home three days later and began practice on Aug. 1. Since the start of practices, the cross country team has also participated in the annual Light Up the Corners race in the Forum on Aug. 12.

Boys cross country coach Josh Smith said, “The Light Up the Corners race is a great community event that the cross-country team looks forward to every year, because when you get to cover yourself in glow in the dark paint running becomes a little more fun.”

As of now, the season is in full swing as both the boys’ and girls’ teams prepare for their second meet of the season at home on Aug. 26. The Wolves also ran their first meet, Aug. 18 at Roper Park in Jasper, Georgia. With these two meets, there are eight meets in the cross country season including the GHSA cross country state meet on Nov. 3.

Come out and support the Wolves as they take on the new season! Senior Jeb Brown said, “I am very excited for the start of the season, and although I’m not sure how to quantify work, I know that the team is doing everything possible to achieve success this season.”

Snapchat story of a senior saying good-bye to cross-country camp for the last time. Austin Luke.

The senior boys continue to bond together as friends and a team during their last year of cross country. Brian L. Morgan.

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