Volleyball Sets Up for A New Season

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The Wesleyan varsity volleyball team has been preparing for the upcoming season over the summer. With new additions to the team and a new attitude, the volleyball team is excited about the new season. Over the summer, the team had to attend workouts and start practicing.

Junior Grace Tyler said, “We have to attend at least 12 workouts during the summer, it really helps!” Along with workouts, they have been practicing almost every day to prepare themselves to be the best they can be.

Although practice and workouts are challenging, the team had a well-deserved pool party at Senior Madison McKemie’s house. The girls engaged in some super fun games for team bonding and enjoyed some yummy food. The team bonding was a huge success and the team is closer than ever.

The volleyball team is very motivated and always sets a few goals for the season. Some of these goals include a state championship win, the team to become one body and improvement every player’s skills. Head Coach Ted Russell added to the goals for the season and said, “Our main stated goal is to defend our area championship, but on a more short-term basis we are looking for a group that shows up daily with the intention of working hard to improve individually and as a group.”  With a goal like this, the team is bound for success.

So far, this season, the Lady Wolves have had victories over Mountain View, Chattahoochee, and Dacula, three very tough schools to beat. However, the best of the schedule is yet to come. Some brand-new faces are also on the team this year. One of these new faces is freshman Alden Pridgen who said, “My favorite part about being a freshman on a varsity team is the relationships I have with upper classman.” With attitudes like this, the volleyball team is destined for greatness this season and will bump into another great year.

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