Water Polo: Don’t Tread on the Wolves

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Amid the other fall sports, water polo has returned for their 2017 season. Winning one of their matches already, the team promises an exciting season. With a great track record for success, senior Grant Beaty predicted that they are “headed to the state championship.” The team has earned high praise in their past for their notable track record.

Starting off their season with one win out of their first six matches is highly impressive for a team that, due to time and venue restrictions, is only capable of limited practice. Senior Grant Beaty said they have games two to three times a week and practice “two to three times a year.” Coach Kevin Kadzis mentioned what the course of the season will entail and talked about what makes water polo the increasingly popular sport it is. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the distinguished team this season. “We have a pretty challenging schedule given the nature of club sport,” said Kadzis, “But I’m most interested in how we improve as individuals and how we improve to play together as a team.”

The team does not have tryouts, which often will generate more interest across the board. Junior Sofia Vallejo joined the team this year and said, “I’m really excited learning a new sport because I didn’t really know a lot about water polo before.” But it is not just the sport that makes water polo such a great community, it is the bond the players share. The team is a strong unit inside the pool, but outside of it, they are even stronger.

When asked what he is most excited for this season, Coach Kadzis responded that he is ready to “watch the team get better as the season goes on. We really just have a lot of fun doing it.” And the team agrees. Whether it is the team banquet at CiCi’s at the end of the season, pregame water polo chants or going out to eat together afterwards, the team is always joyful.

“I love just hanging out with the team before, during, and after games,” said Beaty, “as well as playing and beating all of the other teams.” Up against fierce competition every game, the water polo team never fails to compete. Making every match filled with tension and excitement. With a great record and cohesive teamwork, the water polo team is headed straight for success this season, and you will not want to miss it.

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