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    Artist rendering of Peachtree Corners Town Center common area. Fuqua Development.
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    Construction site of the new Peachtree Corners Town Center. Fuqua Development.

Grand Opening of New Town Center Rapidly Approaches

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After the incorporation of Peachtree Corners in 2012, several citizen surveys were taken to determine what the city’s priorities should be. The survey indicated that the citizens of Peachtree Corners ranked a town center as the city’s next top priority.  Residents wanted a central location to gather for events and other activities, essentially people wanted a unique place that would establish the city’s identity.

Then in 2014 the Atlanta Regional Committee awarded the city a grant for 14 million dollars that paid for the construction portion of the project. This led to a public-private partnership conjoining the Downtown Development Authority and the Fuqua Development Company. Both of these companies are responsible for the completion of this project.

After four years of planning and conceptual design, the Peachtree Corners Town Center has entered its construction phase.  In the coming months, the culmination of years of planning will take shape in the form of a fully finished town center located near the Sprouts directly across the street from the Forum. This 21-acre plaza will consist of a new Town Center, as well as several new restaurants and retail stores.

Now that construction is underway, the City of Peachtree Corners has estimated the Town Center project to reach its completion by early 2018. Jennifer Howard, the Economic Development Specialist of the Town Center project said, “this Town Center will provide a place for people to live with easy access to jobs and services. By connecting the Town Center to the city’s multi-use trail system, the project will encourage healthy lifestyles and active living.”

The town center’s main function is to create a focal point of the city of Peachtree Corners, thereby creating a heart of the community mentality that all members of the city can enjoy. The city has made plans to construct a “town green” that will be approximately two acres that will feature a pavilion, fire pit, café, tables and a community garden. It will also contain a performance stage, a new movie theater, a children’s play area, and some new office buildings. In terms of housing accommodations, there will be over 70 town homes that will be either two or three stories overlooking the town green. These town homes will range in price from $400,000 to $500,000.

There will also be a veterans’ monument that will honor all those who have given their lives in service to the United States. This monument will be comprised of five different sculptures to represent each branch of the Armed Forces. These five branches will be the U.S Marine Corps, U.S Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S Navy and the U.S. Air Force.

Diana Wheeler the Community Development Director for the city of Peachtree Corners said, “When it’s complete, the Town Center will provide Peachtree Corners with many more dining and entertainment options.  It will also provide a place for families, friends and neighbors to gather and make shared memories.  Enjoying good times together strengthens relationships, and, ultimately, the fabric of our community.” In short, the new town center will serve as a bridge that connects the people and increase the neighborly aspect of the community.

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