The “Wolves” of Wesleyan

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Dogs are the backbone of every good community. Some of the most iconic members of the Wesleyan family happen to be dogs. Kodiak the Wolf, Oscar Khedouri and Sam Lisson, all of these canines are integral to the Wesleyan community. From Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers, Wesleyan has it all.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the most precious pups at Wesleyan.

Sam Lisson

A portrait of Sam Lisson. Greg Lisson.

Owner: Greg Lisson

Age: 16-months-old.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Special Talents: He can play dead, walk on two legs and stay still with a treat on his nose.

Personality: Sam is lovingly spastic; every person he meets is his new best friend. Described by Senior Ana Hanger as “The most adorable thing that has ever walked the earth besides Jesus and he is the most golden of all.”

Sam with the middle school football team. Greg Lisson.

Kodiak Feininger

A portrait of Kodiak. Ansley Feininger.

Owners: Junior Ansley Feininger and senior Harrison Feininger.

Age: 2-years-old.

Breed: Alaskan Malamute.

Special Talents: Knows how to speak and howl as well as how to high-five and shake.

Personality: He is a huge puppy and a teddy bear on the inside.

Kodiak with a bone. Harrison Feininger.

Oscar Khedouri

Oscar receiving a treat. Marc Khedouri.

Owner: Marc Khedouri

Age: 10-years-old

Breed: Boxer

Special Talents: He knows how to read (see picture below)

Personality: Exceedingly bright and very handsome.

Oscar relaxing with a good book. Marc Khedouri.

Angee Massey

Angee relaxing inside a blanket. Griffin Massey.

Owners: Freshman Megan Massey and junior Griffin Massey

Age: 10-years-old

Breed: Chihuahua

Special Talents: She wears a lot of clothes, but that’s about it.

Personality: Described as “Kind of lazy.” Griffin wishes “she would do more work around the house to be honest.”

Angee sleeping in one of her signature outfits. Griffin Massey.

Felix Tyler

A portrait of Felix. Grace Tyler.

Owner: Junior Grace Tyler

Age: Was not disclosed. Owner claimed, “Age is just a number.”

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Special Talents: He can catch a frisbee in midair and is an adept swimmer.

Personality: He is described as the best dog/overall person you will ever meet. But, cross him and expect death.

Felix catching a frisbee in mid-air. Amanda Tyler.

Earl-Francis Zetzsche

Earl Francis enjoying a chin scratch. Sophie Zetzsche.

Owner: Junior Sophie Zetzsche

Age: 5-years-old

Breed: Shi-Tzu Yorkie mix

Special Talents: Eats two bowls of food for every meal.

Personality: Sophie describes Earl-Francis as “The definition of a wildcard. One minute he will be dead asleep and the next, he will be running around having a good time.

Juniors Hampton Henderson and Sophie Zetzsche with Earl Francis at last year’s Sadie Hawkins dance. Cindy Zetzsche.

Coco Chanel and Louis Vuitton Alexcih

Louis Vuitton (left) and Coco Chanel (right) relaxing. Bryn Alexcih.

Owners: Freshman Reese Alexcih and sophomore Bryn Alexcih

Age: Coco is 6-years-old and Louis is 2-years-old.

Breed: Labradoodles

Special Talents: No talents in particular, but they are very sweet and fluffy.

Personalities: Coco is loving and quiet while Louis loves being with everyone all the time.

Coco Chanel enjoying a car ride. Reese Alexcih.

Biscuit Moon

Biscuit and Sarah on the first day of school. Laura Moon.

Owner: Senior Sarah Moon

Age: 8 ½-years-old

Breed: White Labrador

Special Talents: Can shake, sit and knows how to sit like a human.

Personality: Basically, thinks he is a human. He is very laid back and makes friends everywhere he goes. He is really funny but also quite spoiled and sort of vain.

Toto and Jojo (“Tojo”) Taramani

Jojo (left) and Toto (right) in the city. Monica Tarnawski.

Owner: Monica Tarnawski

Ages: Toto is 8-years-old and Jojo is 4-years-old.

Breeds: Toto is a black Cairn and Skye terrier mix. Jojo is a black rat terrier and Chihuahua mix.

Special Talents: They are both proficient in eating, napping and “dancing.” Toto’s name at the shelter was “Dancer,” because of how she used to dance for food.

Personalities: Toto is cute, but approach her with caution. Jojo is much more chill than Toto.

Toto (front) and Jojo (back) on a walk in Piedmont Park. Monica Tarnawski.
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