Deck the Malls: A Black Friday Guide

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As the tail end of November rolls around, students, faculty and parents run frantically around stores trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. However, angry mobs of people can make joyful holiday shopping turn into a tragic affair. A series of unfortunate events on Black Friday can be avoided, so continue reading to dodge this misfortune.

A crucial aspect of Black Friday shopping is timing. Going earlier is important because shoppers can beat the crowds, assure that the best items will still be in stock and avoid lines. Typically, sales will start on the night of Thanksgiving, which can be beneficial to people eager for the best items. Avid Black Friday shopper junior Joshua Rahman’s advice is to, “be the first person in the store so you can snag the gift you want before someone steals it.” Starting early is crucial to guarantee that the item you want will still be in stock.

One secret of Black Friday is knowing when the sales begin. Typically, stores will start lowering their prices on Thanksgiving night, which is a great time to grab Christmas gifts. During this time, malls are an ideal place to start shopping because most families are eating Thanksgiving dinner. Some stores will even start sales at the beginning of Thanksgiving week, so check stores a few days ahead of time.

If you are a passionate Black Friday avoider like some, then Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to still receive countless deals on items. Cyber Monday is exclusively online sales, so you can order your favorite gadgets and gizmos from the comfort of your own home. To name a few stores that had door-busting deals online, Timberland was taking 30% off selected items and had free three-day shipping. The Foot Locker was giving 20% off selected footwear, great for shoe lovers. Unfortunately, this sale exempted Nike shoes.

The best deals on Black Friday came from a variety of stores. At Target, the Xbox One S 500GB console was sold for $189.99, the regular price being $279.99. Also, the Nikon D3400 DSLR bundle was on sale for $499.99, which is $400 less than original price. Amazon was giving away sales on some of their signature items such as the Amazon Echo Dot, which was being sold for $29.99 instead of $49.99. The Amazon Fire HD 10 was on sale for $99.99 on Amazon instead of $149.99.

Senior Emma Watkins partook in Black Friday shopping over Thanksgiving Break and had a very unique experience. Watkins said, “I woke up around four in the morning to go to Ulta with my mom. I was half asleep and wasn’t sure what I wanted to get at the store, nor did I know what I got at the store. I fell asleep in the car ride home, and after I woke up I realized I bought blue hair extensions and a very vibrant eye shadow palette that I will probably never ever wear. Long story short I will never wake up that early again and not get a lot of sleep to go Black Friday shopping.”

Assuring a pleasurable time shopping can be accomplished by bringing a friend. English teacher Cameron Alexander said, “Make sure you go with someone; it is so much more pleasant and makes the experience less stressful.” A fearless companion to tackle the masses of people is essential

While expensive gifts can be intriguing, make sure you know how much can spend. By making a budget, you can make sure that you are on budget and not spending too much money on frivolous items. Sophomore Sarah Shin said, “I usually have a set budget before I go so I never get in trouble for spending too much.”

Black Friday shopping has become an integral part of Thanksgiving Break for serious shoppers. By following these simple tips and tricks, an exciting time and flawless strategy is ensured. The war of Black Friday is defeated by a shopper with a game plan.

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