Wesleyan Family Christmas Traditions

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Christmas is know as “The most wonderful time of the year” and it is typically spent with friends and family. Every Wesleyan family has different Christmas traditions, and here are just a few of the unique Wesleyan Christmas traditions.

  • “My family always opens one gift on Christmas Eve and it’s something fun like Christmas PJs or a Christmas movie we all which together the night before Christmas!” – Senior Abby Blauser
  • “On Christmas Eve, my family and I always go to brunch with our family friends” – Freshman Caroline Gibbs
  • “Every Thanksgiving break, my mom pulls out the Christmas decorations, and we are allowed to play Christmas music and make cookies. My mom is an amazing baker, so we always bake several batches of homemade ginger snaps, Russian tea cakes and more. The house smells amazing,” – Junior Chloe Hangartner
  • “One of our Christmas traditions is that we always go to the Rayburns’ house or they come to ours on Christmas Eve to eat dinner and give presents.” – Junior Betsy McDaniel
  • “My family always opens PJs on Christmas Eve and we take a picture on the fireplace.” – Senior Henry Beltrami
  • “Every Christmas morning, we go to Golden Corral for breakfast.” – Junior Liam Coxhead
  • “Every year at the beginning of December, my siblings and I draw each other’s names out of a hat and get gifts for the person we pick. We can’t tell who we got until Christmas day – it’s always a really fun surprise. It also prevents us, all 42 of us, from having to buy gifts for everyone.” – Junior Annie Cowart
  • “Every Christmas Eve, we go to our church’s Christmas Eve service then come home and eat honey baked ribs!” – Senior Katia Hanger
  • “When my family goes to church on Christmas Eve, there is always a petting zoo and I get to pet camels! It is so cute seeing all of the animals and spending time with my family!” -Sophomore Liza Yates
  • “Every Christmas my mom makes a huge tub of Stouffers mac and cheese. We get Stouffers mac and cheese twice a year, once on thanksgiving and once on Christmas. Between me and my brother the 15 pound tub is gone in under an hour. Tyler and I won’t eat anything for 3 days before Christmas so we can destroy the Mac N Cheese.” – Junior Ryan Gomes
  • “On Christmas, we have a huge breakfast with pancakes, fruit, bacon, eggs, hash browns and so much other yummy food.” – Sophomore Anna Turner
  • “Every year my mom and brother and I make cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve and deliver them to new families in or around our neighborhood that rise overnight so that they can eat them on Christmas morning while opening presents.” – Senior Isabella Brown
  • “For Christmas, me and my family go on a trip each year, instead of doing gifts. Last summer, we went to the Dominican Republic and this year we are going to Costa Rica. We think that trips and memories are much more valuable and worth wile than physical items. I love the way we do Christmas!” – Freshman JD Chipman.
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