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Catalonia’s Demand for Independence

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Whether it be through soccer, economics or relations between the people, the Catalonian Secession is having a profound impact on the country of Spain. The Catalonians are demanding independence from Spain and will settle for nothing less than complete secession from their mother country.

Catalonia is a region of Spain that runs itself autonomously with their own government called the Generalitat de Catalunya. Catalonians have never really considered themselves to be a part of Spain. For many years, Catalonia and Spain were separate countries, but in 1714, the Spanish defeated Catalonia in the War of the Spanish Succession, which resulted in modern-day Spain. When democracy regained power after General Francisco Franco, Catalonia was granted some autonomy in 1977.

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You Got Served: Wesleyan Gives Back

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Wesleyan’s high school service team, Omicron Service Society, and Wesleyan community members partnering with Mercy Care work to live out Wesleyan’s J.O.Y. motto.

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Fall Senior Signing: Wesleyan Student Athletes Continue Their Athletic Careers

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With all the talent Wesleyan students have, it is bound to happen that some may commit to play sports at the collegiate level. Each season, there is a signing ceremony where certain athletes officially commit and are celebrated for their athletic accomplishments. This fall, five senior girls participated in the ceremony, playing sports like lacrosse, softball, volleyball and basketball. Each athlete has been playing their sports for many years and are all excited to play at a collegiate level. Keep Reading

A Glimpse Into Psychology: Uncovering The Truth About Happiness

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    Christian Life Director Greg Lisson holding up the mask of humanity and normal happiness, with the truth existing below the surface. Alayna Fogarty.
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    Senior Alejandra Gleason poses next to the room that makes her happy. Alayna Fogarty.
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    Junior Hannah Sterling holds up a piece of paper indicating what makes her happy. Alayna Fogarty.
  • pictrure-3-color.png
    History teacher Dennis Stromie smiles because he knows the thing that makes him happy. Alayna Fogarty.
  • picture-2-color-e1512492492603.png
    Senior Ben Connor is pictured holding one of the things that makes him happy. Alayna Fogarty.

Today, happiness is seen as the number of smiles that exist on faces each day. But when the mask is peeled away and the truth remains, happiness is so much more. Regular happiness is temporary, but underneath the smiling mask, one can find the true joy of a human being.

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Deck the Malls: A Black Friday Guide

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As the tail end of November rolls around, students, faculty and parents run frantically around stores trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. However, angry mobs of people can make joyful holiday shopping turn into a tragic affair. A series of unfortunate events on Black Friday can be avoided, so continue reading to dodge this misfortune.

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