Hidden Gems: Unveiling Adventurous Spots in Georgia

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SkyView Atlanta, Six Flags, Ponce City Market and local movie theatres are just a few of the basic atlantan ventures that often turn from enjoyable to dull after a while. These activities compel typical Georgia residents, but after the thrill finishes and crowds become unbearable, people become disinterested and soon attempt to locate new places that will fill the void in their heart of adventure and contentment.

Whether the “hidden gems” consist of trails, trendy cafes or parks, they all provide a consistent amount of enjoyment that will leave a lasting smile on the faces of individuals. Senior Jon Hunt Ficken listed Inman Park and Krog Street as “must visit” destinations. Located in Atlanta on the Beltline Trail, Krog Street Market grants a mix of culture, unique restaurants and specialty items.

The exterior of Krog Street features a rustic and urban look in Atlanta. Access Atlanta.

Another underrated destination is located in Alto, Ga. off of Highway 365. The School Bus Graveyard is a junkyard that consists of old yellow buses that have been graffitied and painted with various words, colors and phrases. Although the majority of the graveyard contains buses, there are the occasional abandoned cars balanced on top of and around the school buses.

One of the famous graffitied school buses with “keep out” painted on the side that is a unique photo shoot location. Kat Saylor.

One remarkable spot that inspires local adventure is Providence Canyon State Park, located in Lumpkin, Ga. Although smaller in size, Providence Canyon State Park is to Georgia as the Grand Canyon is to Arizona. According to Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the large rocks within Providence Canyon were formed by erosion because of poor agricultural methods. Senior Melina Haralabakis recently visited and said, “It was such a cool place and I loved it so much.”

An overview of Providence Canyon State Park offers a beautiful illustration of the parallel between Providence Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Melina Haralabakis.
Senior Melina Haralabakis explores Providence Canyon State Park while making long-lasting memories. Melina Haralabakis.

Lastly, the final hidden gem is the Chattahoochee Coffee Company is a local favorite, recommended by multiple faculty members including Christian Life Director Greg Lisson, high school English faculty fellow Avery Garn and middle school science teacher Jen Sheppard. The Chattahoochee Coffee Company is located inside of a gated apartment complex named the Walton on the Chattahoochee Apartment Community. Sheppard said,“It is only open Mon. through Fri., but the view is so worth checking out.” The ordinary public eye would never notice it because it is literally hidden, and the only entry for guests is by way of passcode. It lies on the Chattahoochee River, so the riverside location is likely to provide a beautiful scenery, along with coffee and snacks.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company offers delicious coffee by the serene Chattahoochee river. Facebook.
Secret entry leads guests to a part of the interior of the coffee shop with a backdrop featuring the Chattahoochee River. Facebook.

These four hidden gems feature long-lasting thrills as well as comfort and relaxation. The one constant factor between them all is the alluring views and exquisite nature of the locations. The beauty in these adventurous and obscure spots can provide a much-needed break or an exhilarating weekend with friends, family or just yourself.


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